Friday, March 25, 2011

What to Wear

I saw this photo by Tommy Ton, up on his Jak and Jill blog a few days ago.  I earmarked it, and since then have been mulling over what the accompanying content would be.  I considered the trends this gal's hit; color blocking, the un-constructed tote, polka dots, the tie-neck soft shirt, futuristic quilted leather, and color: red, camel, pale stone, and cognac.  She's spot on.  A page out of 'what to wear'.  So... that's what this post has become; a shout out. Nice outfit lady!!!

P.s. Don't you really love those cognac pants?!  I really, really love those pants!  The color is so delicious.  I'm obsessed.  Check out this incredible Lanvin playsuit.  And, these (much more affordable) Vero Moda and Asos pants.

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