Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pink Salt

I showed you some pink sugar, so a follow-up with pink salt would only be fitting.  Somewhere Splendid shared the recipe for these decadent Chocolate-Covered Salted-Caramel Cupcakes complete with pretty pink Himalayan salt.

Angie Lewin + No.21

I'm obsessing over Angie Lewin's botanical paintings and No.21's resort show prints.  Loving the muted blue, green, and taupe shades.  I get giddy when art and fashion collide!  Such fun : )

Lewin discovered via Design Sponge & No.21 images courtesy of

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday & Ballet & the BF

I hope you're all having a great Wednesday.  I'm beyond excited, because tonight I'll be seeing American Ballet Theater perform Swan Lake at the Met Opera House!  Eeek!!!  Yes, I did just see Cinderella last week.  And yes, I do see Swan Lake every year.  But I'm always excited; every ballet is like watching your first ballet.  Every time it's different.  Even with the same choreography, music, scenery and principle dancers, each performance is original.

Mostly I'm excited about tonight because I'm taking my BF.  It's his first ballet so I'm hoping he enjoys it!

Print available at

Boating Betty

I love (love love love) these photos from Le Blog de Betty!  They were taken during a sailing excursion in Cannes whilst Betty, her fiance, sister, and friends vacationed last month.  Ugh.  Want to be there.  The colors are so dreamy...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amazing/ Mistake

I'm really digging this design by Keetra Deen Dixon and JK Keller.  This design duo who live (and often work) together, crafted this piece for Good Magazine.  Look closely, the paintbrushes for each script letter spell 'mistake'.  Amazing : )

Found via Grain Edit 

Sandwitches Deconstructed

For a white now, I've had my heart set on picnicking.  I just haven't found the time yet.  The BF and I are staying close to home over the holiday weekend, so I'm brainstorming-up a few relaxing, local outings.  If we do make it to the park for a languid lunch or dinner, a couple of these sandies will in the basket.  Along with Rummikub, dominoes and Woodchuck cider, of course.

Awesome sandwich guide and recipes on Whole Living

Monday, June 27, 2011

Resort 2012/ Erdem

Fresh from the garden, Erdem's dreamy, dusky resort show.  These floral prints are bewitching!  I love...

Erdem photos from
Rananculus from Flickr

Pretty Palette/ Hot Citrus

Aren't these brilliant orange hues gorgeous all mashed together?  I'm not generally an orange fan but lately it's been calling to me.  Of late, it's taking the fashion and decor world by storm.  Orange looks particularly ravishing against other fiery tones.  Tangerine, apricot and tomato are all set off perfectly by a moody sunset pink.  It isn't an Indian summer quite yet, but this palette has me daydreaming of long hot September afternoons.  Can't you feel it?!

Photos, clockwise from far left:
Painting by Mark Rothko
Blood oranges at Bliss
Apparel from Kendi Everyday
Blood orange lemonade from A Cozy Kitchen
Gerbera daisy print on KGC Photo

Stacked Bangles

I'm drowning in a bangle love affair.  These wrist accessories add the perfect amount of polish to casual summer wardrobes; transforming denim cut-offs and voile shirts into wear-to-work ensembles.  Tortoise, lucite and stained wood perfection!  The high gloss and textural dimension of these duds adds chic edginess, modern fair, and timeless sophistication to every ensemble.

All bangles are Marc by Marc Jacobs "High Tide" collection. 
From top left:
"High Tide Colorblock"
"High Tide Studded Wood" 
"High Tide Large Colorblock"

Also check out the "High Tide Striped" and the "High Tide Medium" bangle.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Four for Friday

Have a great weekend kiddos!  I'm taking a half-day at work (woohoo!) and going to run some errands in the rain (grumble).  But it's not that bad : )

Actually, I have a great weekend planned!  Drinks and catch-up conversation with friends later tonight, regularly-scheduled Saturday fun with the BF (he's the best!), a buddy's band is playing a show tomorrow, some girl-time with a sweet friend on Sunday (including a belated birthday brunch and shoe shopping)!  Oooh la la.  Excitement!

I'm done bragging now.  Here is you FfF...

- I'm clicking and re-clicking (and re-re-clicking) through Refinery29's Summer Essential's Guide.  Finding lots of goodies (and tons of trend validation).  Summer shopping fever is so underway.
- Running With Tweezers is the foodie blog by Tami, a food stylist in Atlanta.  It's full of drool-inducing photos and recipes.  I'm particularly smitten with "The Best Thing I Ever Ate- Tofu" recipe.  She makes it look too good!!!  Also, check out this post for styling tips and tricks.
- I haven't spent much time with Fifi lately.  But, oh my gosh, that little bunny is as cute as ever!!!  The blog of dear, sweet Fifi Lapin is such a fashionista haven.
- I absolutely, completely and totally adore Bri Emery's blog Design Love Fest.  It is the coolest spot!  She seems like the most incredibly fun (and kookie!) lady, plus she's got some serious design skills.  Go see!  Go seee!  Also exciting: Bri periodically holds a (Photoshop-rich) blogging workshop in Los Angeles but the next one is happening in... NYC!

Super Striped Ice Pops

How delicious do these beauties look?!!!  Yumminess mucho.  I love that there are so many flavorful ingredients in each pop; yogurt, juices, lemonade and fruit puree!  The colors are pretty darn fantastic too.  What type of icy treats would you freeze up?  I think my recipe would read: So Delicious coconut-milk yogurt, white grape juice, pineapple puree and basil-limeade!

Images and recipe from Butterfly Foods, adapted from Martha Stewart

Pretty Picture/ Janice Law

I thought this would be a stunning follow-up to my last post.  This little illustration (in gorgeous neon fruit shades!) is by Janice Law.  Janice features her lovely watercolors on her blog, Little Miso.  Residing in Perth Australia, she also spends her time working as a graphic and jewelry designer.  She sells her trinkets (mostly made of wood) on Etsy.  Check out her sites, there are lots of cute-sweet-fun things stashed in there! 

Found through Design Love Fest

Thursday, June 23, 2011

iPhone Art/ Samantha Hahn

I'm in fits over these iPhone wall papers by Samantha Hahn!  They're so summery, not to mention ultra-super-extremely gorgeous!  I can't choose a favorite.  They are absolute visual euphoria.  My brain is going into pretty-overload.

Download Hahn's backgrounds (yeah... they're FREE!) at Gallery Hanahou, discovered via Poppytalk.

Blackbox Case

Ooooh, I found a new techy accessory.  It would look really nice paired with this.  Right?  My little MacBook would be the coolest kid on the block*.  Blackbox is the ingenious maker of this nify case.  Made of solid oak, it only weighs 1.5lbs.  They are currently available to fit all sizes of MacBook Pro, and the iPad2.  Check out the full line here.  And if you get a chance read their FAQs (they're funny).

* Cool indeed, but don't get me wrong- I adore my Neoprene InCase.  It's saved my poor little Mac from a few serious beverage spills and a couple tumbles to the floor.  Plus, it keeps my furniture surfaces scratch-free!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trinkets/ For Me, For You

Katie Miss of the cute blog For Me, For You recently shared some of her handy-work; these sweet necklaces!  I love them!!!  They  totally remind me of being 10 years old, crafting colorful friendship ropes into all sorts of jewelry.  (I recall a lot of anklets.  Don't judge, it was the 90's!)  Katie's necklaces are way hip-er and definitely refined enough to sport as an adult.  I'm also pretty sure they're more skillfully made than those things I knotted together out of embroidery floss.  Stop by Katie's store to browse the available collection!

Happy Wednesday

Hi kittens,
I hope you're off to a winsome Wednesday. It's supposed to be warm and rainy in NYC for the next 5 days or so... not the most fabulous way to get summer* underway. But whatcha gonna do?!!! I did see two adorable little yorkies on my way to work this morning. And the Union Square green market smelled like wet pavement and basil (love). So I'm feeling chipper.

* Yesterday was the first day of summer and the longest day of the year! Did everyone enjoy?

Image by Valero Doval found via Seesaw Design

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cake Competition

Stephanie of Desserts for Breakfast is having a fun contest; what cake would you bake for her birthday?  That's right!  Leave a comment telling her all about the dreamiest cake your mind can muster.  She's going to randomly select two winners who will recieve cupcake stands.  Plus, Stephanie will select a few of her favorite sounding recipes and whip them up.  The most delicious submission wins!

I want to leave a comment, but am so completely torn about what type of cake to suggest!!!  Play too!  Think up something fabulous and go tell Stephanie!  We have until this Sunday to enter : )

*That* Chocolate Cake recipe (adapted) by Stephanie

A Beautiful Mess/ Wedding

Check out these amazing photos from Jeremy and Elise's DIY wedding, shared on 100 Layer Cake.  There are more photos on Style Me Pretty too, go check them all out!  Elsie is the super creative and crafty author of A Beautiful Mess.  Her wedding is a fun mix-up of retro and modern, playing up textures and colorful details.  I love, don't you?!  (Watch their wedding video too, it's so beautiful!)

Photos by Arrow & Apple

Monday, June 20, 2011

Resort 2012/ Collette Dinnigan

One print, three lovely variations.  The Collette Dinnigan resort show is really pretty; super feminine and seemingly designed with warm, Mediterranean ocean breezes in mind.  My favorite look is the one on the far right.  Which would you pick?

Photos via

Happy Monday

What a lovely photo of NYC at sunrise, yes?  I didn't quite catch the sunrise this morning, but I was up early.  I know I've said it before, but getting an early start puts me in the best mood.  I guess it helped that my weekend was sublime.  My BF and I saw quite a bit of live music; it was the Northside Festival in Williamsburg/Greenpoint.  We had drinks at the new beer garden, Spritzenhaus.  That place is my new favorite watering hole!  It's noisy but not too crowded.  The location is amazing, the space is beautifully designed and they have Woodchuck Cider!  Lots of usual weekend goodness occurred: yummy brunches,  a movie on the couch (with the a/c on!!!) and many walks through the park (tons of cute-doggie sightings).  Oooh, and I bought a beautiful orchid!  It was a good weekend : )  

Photo found on Flickr

Friday, June 17, 2011

Four for Friday

Enjoy your weekend, dearest readers!  As a Friday send-away peruse these fun and colorful Four...

- Sprouted Kitchen is an amazing place... visually stunning and bursting with delectable recipes!

- How do I describe The Daylight?  Blog comprised of the dreamiest mood boards and coolest design details ever?!!!  Seriously.

- From throw pillows to original art, if it's cool LONNY is featuring it!  (If NYLON is a girl, LONNY is her house)  Check it out... you can also flip through the entire print mag online!

N.E.E.T. magazing has released their most recent publication (it's a quarterly).  But I'm all about the blog (duh).  The hip content includes (but isn't limited to) fashion, beauty, culture, home and travel.

Super Salad

This has been a salad-for-lunch week.  On busy days in NY I duck downstairs for a Deli salad.  When traveling, a salad is often the only vegetarian lunch available...   I must say, the last five days (today included) have been full of sub-par lunchtime salads.  But what am I to expect? Cafeterias and delis are not generally known for fantastic food.  As I crunch away on overly-oiled broccoli and snap peas, I fantasize that it will somehow morph into this delicious bowl full of veggies from Smitten Kitchen.  Yum-E.

Yael Berger

I'm really liking Yael Berger's simplistic studies of fruit, veggies, and flora. Beyond watercolors and an Etsy store, Berger is a textile designer working out of Tel Aviv. Formerly, she worked in the fashion and home textile industry for over 20 years. At one point in time she was also running her own design studio, producing printed T's.

When it comes to her paintings she says, "I hope my optimism, and the joy I feel when creating is reflected in my paintings and Prints. Nature, every day objects and folk art inspire me and make me happy . As a minimalist at heart I try to keep the shapes as simple as possible and let the color speak."  And speak they do!!!  I want to buy up a bundle and hang them around my house; they're just so pretty!

Found via Avie Designs

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dressy Maxi Dress

I have a long dressy-dress that I've been dying to wear.  Here is the killer... I've been dying to wear it for 4 summers!  Yes.  It's been in my closet for more than 4 years and has yet to be worn.  Let me share the dilemma: it's really darn difficult to wear a long dressy-dress.

The one in my closet is beyond lovely.  It used to be a terrifying palazzo pant jump-suit (I remade it into a maxi gown).  It's silk crepe de chine, in a gorgeous mod garaiffe print: white and navy blue.  Halter.  Backless.  Center front slit up to my thighs.  It's not the type of dress you wear with gladiator sandals, on a weekend, to the park.  This dress is serious business; heels and lipstick required.  Garance has given me a little encouragement though, with her comical post and inspirational photos.  Perhaps I can master my maxi dress with some understated jewelry and long, flowy, boho hair.

Photo by Garance Dore

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Drink at Eatly

Last weekend I was doing some beer garden iPhone reconnaissance while out in Brooklyn.  I was finally tired of observing the new (and expansive!) beer garden at the south end of Nassau and not knowing it's name. (It's Spritzenhaus, pics and more info here.) What I also discovered via iPhone wisdom-ness, is that Eatly just opened a beer and wine garden up on their rooftop!  Coolio!!!  Spousal bloggers of Hither and Thither got to check out opening night at Birreria.  I can't wait to head up there too.  Well, once the opening buzz quiets a bit.  According to Ashley and Aron, it's not worth a 45 minute wait in line... should be nice, come September!  Kidding.  I hope : )

Photos from Hither and Thither

Jetting Off (for a couple days)

Hey there dolls,

I'm going to be out of NY for a couple days.  Work related.  (Don't I wish this was another mini-vacation!)  I'm not jetting off to the Gluf, as this poster might suggest.  I'm bound for the near, north east; just a 90 minute flight away. 

See you on Friday NYC!  And as for the rest of you, fret not.  I'll still be updating things here.  Keep checking by w&w for new posts!

Vintage print available at the Pearl Harbor website, found via Pinterest

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 Gals & Lotsa Locks

I love this Refinery 29 article, all about ladies with long tresses!  Each gal has a very different type of hair and different styling preferences.  I love Darlene's bundle of braids, so beautiful!  My hair and stylistic preferences are along the lines of Ariane;  a straight, brown mane and basic-simple-classic looks with a penchant for easy up-do's.

Sometimes I get bored with my hair.  Long hair is always lovely, but it can become such a style rut.  It's so easy to not do anything with it, ever.  I know I've said it before, 6 out of the 7 days of the week my hair is in a bun.  The other day it's either in a pony or a half-pony.  But really... I'm too lazy for a cut that requires any type of upkeep or special treatment.  Now that the weather is warm, I don't even blow dry!

What about you gals?  Are you a hairstyle adventurer?  Do you switch cut or color often?  Do you style your locks differently every day?  What's your favorite look?  Favorite accessory?  I want to get into wearing headbands... they're so cute!

All About the Tortoise, Man!

I love man-watches.  Whether it's really a guy's watch on a gal, or just a chunky/oversize watch, they are so cool.  They look completely effortless.  At the same time, they assert their presence.  It's a power watch, if you will.  I am especially loving these tortoise man-watches.  Tortoise is completely chic, so much less in-you-face that a metal clunker on your wrist.  Classic.  Iconic.  Want one!

Visit Honestly, WTF for all the shopping links

Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday Wishes!!!

To myself, yo.  That's right, it's mah beee-day.  I'm enjoying the tail end of this trip to Boston, then bussin' it back to NYC later today.  It's been a super duper wonderful weekend getaway.  Heck, it's been a super duper past year!  I hope the next one lives up to my high expectations.  (Yeah, you hear that Life?  You better show up with your A-game for the next 365 days and nights!)

Dear sweet readers, thank you so much for stopping by w&w and cyber-celebrating with me!!!  You are wonderful and so terrifically supportive.  Have some cake : )

Photo from Call Me Cupcake

Friday, June 10, 2011

Four for Friday

Four fun thing-ies before I bus it up to Boston...  Enjoy!

- I'm totally smitten with Somewhere Splendid.  The lifestyle blog covers everything from home renovation and decor to entertaining and cooking.  Take a moment to browse, you'll find something (somewhere) splendid!!!
-I found the most awesome Tumblr ever; Wear Color!!!  Admitting that I love a Tumblr page takes a lot... because I hate Tumblr.  Not the Tumblr-ers, you're not the bad-guys.  It's just that the concept of Tumbling images and loosing their source really disturbs me.  But that's a negatively charged topic destined for another day.  Back to Wear Color...  check it out.  So inspirational.  I promise, it will make you happy! (This photo from STREETFSN)
- Are you ready to head-over-heels fall in love with dessert?  Call Me Cupcake is full of the prettiest, most delicious looking sweets.  It's like a wonderland of baked treats!
- Well Groomed is the cutest (brand spankin' new) site for today's dapper and engaged fellows.  While it is intended for isle-bound dudes, you don't have to have a wedding on the horizon (or even be a guy!) to appreciate this lovely site.  It feels wrong to call Well Groomed a pretty blog, especially as the creator is a "former drag racer, current autocrosser, and just finished rebuilding an '86 Trans Am", but pretty it is!


Happy Friday angels!

I'm hopping on a bus in a few hours, headed for Boston. Monday is a special day for me so I'm taking off work.  Woo-hoo, three day weekend!!!  This week was a little nutz-o and I'm looking forward to a long weekend outside of NYC.  I'm a huge fan of Boston.  I love how clean it is downtown and that it's quiet on the weekends.  There are great, historic neighborhoods ideal for wandering too!

Typography by Matt Braun of Brian vs. Braun, found on Design Work Life

Turkish Delights/ Part Two

Perhaps you recall, I have a sweet spot for Turkish candies.  So, you can imagine how excited I was to come across Heather's recipe for home-made Turkish delights on Sprinkle Bakes.  Heather adapted this New York Times version to suit her preference for lemon delights (I like the lemon ones too).  Her recipe seems super easy.  Unfortunately it requires a microwave, which I don't have.  But these are so beautiful, I may give it a go anyway and submit to the drudgery of stove-top candy making.

DIY Painted Mugs

I love these DIY mugs featured on Creature Comforts!  Ez has the best ideas.  Go visit her blog for tips and a super adorable hand-drawn instructional diagram.  She breaks it down into a few simple steps.  Even those less than artistic or crafty can whip together a little mug-masterpiece!   This would be such a fun project and they make the sweetest gifts.  Customize the mugs with whatever you dream up; the possibilities are endless!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shoe Love/ Color Blocking

These Zara flats are taunting me!  I have completely fallen for their color blocking.  The cut looks so pretty too; they have loads of flirty summer flair.  I wish these were made of canvas*, I'd run down the block and buy them right now! 

* Sadly these are goat hide.  Yeah.   I love goats.  I've made goat-friends before.  Seriously.  They are the sweetest animals, affectionate and intelligent like a doggie!  Goat leather makes me sad.

Seen on Oh Joy!

Summer Polish

Refinery 29's summer polish guide rocks!  Pictured are the shades I'm feeling for; orange-y reds, sorbet corals, creamy tangerines, neon pink, and flirty blush shades!  Read the full article and click through their slideshow for lots more color.  I love the nude, citrine and turquoise hues they feature too.  Those shade would look so gorgeous on someone with warm bronze, deep olive, or dark espresso skin.  Alas, I am completely tan-challenged.  What colors are you feeling for?

Pickled Red Onions

So, you've heard me wax on about my love affair with pickles.  And not just pickles, but all things pickled*.  I particularly love pickled onions.  Especially big curly slices of red onions.  This jar full of 'em looks so good!!!  I definitely have to try out this recipe.  Mmmm

* You may recall a mentioning of 'pickle on a stick' from my adventures last weekend at Smorgasburg.  It was a good pickle, Rick's Picks.  Thank you.  But what I was really in fits about were your pickled beets and beans.  You should put them on sticks too.  I know the beans could prove challenging, but I believe in you.

Pickled red onions on Use Real Butter, recipe from Simply Recipes

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Lately I've been a little wrapped up with coral hues.  Yeah, you knew.  It's pretty obvious.  I'm also totally won over by Sandro's flirty warm weather looks.  I love that these looks cover the gamut of life's functions; apparel suited for work, a party, date night, weekend brunch, and errand running!

All items available from Sandro

Pink Sugar

This mini-post is dedicated to my little sisters. They love pink. I love them.  We all love sugar.  Miss you, sisters!!

I found this cute photo and apparently "easy peasy" recipe for strawberry sugar at Butterfly Food.  I'm not really sure how one would use pink sugar. Ashley suggests using it in ice cream, muffins, or on cereal.  I suppose you could really use it anywhere, just as you would regular old sugar.  But... you know, this one is PINK.  So It's just better.

I'm thinking it would be particulary pretty just sitting on the table in a chic glass sugar bowl, destined for summer drinks like too tart lemonade and bitter ice tea.  This would be super cute set out for a party, don't you think?!

Season Calender

This calendar, that Joanna featured last Friday, was so cute that I just had to repost.

Whilst our winters here in NYC are not quite as monopolizing of the calender, they're still pretty wretched.  I guess it ends up a plus if  you like winter snow sports.  And maybe it's not so bad if you have a chauffer who carts you around everywhere.  I'm zero for two on those points.  But, summer does do a good job of making amends.  Summer in New York is wonderful.  Seriously.  So.  Much.  Fun.  (Can you tell I'm happy that it's June?!!!)

Original art by Sarah Lazarovic, featured on the National Post.