Friday, June 3, 2011

Four for Friday

From me, to you:

-  The latest addition to my foodie blogroll: Seven Spoons.  The savory dishes look completely delectable, but (of course) it's the baked goods (that are lovely enough for the gods!!!) that have me hooked.

- Enjoy Event Co appears to throws the coolest/ prettiest/ funnest parties.  Their blog is full of kick-butt-totally-rad mood boards and to-dye-for party featurettes.  Keep them in mind if you're planning a big bash!  Or if you just need a little inspiration for a petite fete, search out some inspiration on their site.
- I've been spending a lot of time on Dwell lately.  Is there a favorite interiors spot that you run to for inspiration?  I like that Dwell is easy to navigate.  And that it isn't overrun with before/after bits.  And that it's all modern, yet still features diversity.
- Alan Peters is the spot to find and admire good design.  Check out the blog, which features a host of authors and a fabulous array of design work.  It's chock full o' graphics, branding, fine art, interiors, and more! 


P.S. I didn't want to make this 1/4 of you FfF but I did really want to share...  last weekend I saw Under Our Skin.  It blew me away.  The award winning documentary reveals Lyme disease; it's disastrous effects and the broken health system that fails to address it properly.  I cannot recommend this film enough.  If you get a chance, watch it this weekend.  It's available via instant streaming on Netflix.  You can also watch the film through any of these providers.  Additionally, screenings are being shown throughout the country.  See locations here.

Enjoy your weekend dearies!!!

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