Monday, June 6, 2011

Peony Pillows

Have you noticed the peonies lately?  They are out of control!  The pile in front of Whole Foods was tempting me  last week.  On the one hand,  I wanted to purchase some.  On the other hand, they were so pillow-ey, with their frothing petals, I really wanted to jump into them.  It looked like I would sink softly within... as if they were an overstuffed down mattress.  I know thinks wouldn't play out like that.  That the Whole Food's police would haul me to the cash wrap.  That I'd end up paying for about 500 peonies.  But it was a nice, momentary day dream.  Sigh.

Images, clockwise from left: Sterling StyleLittle Flower School, Little Flower School and Chelsea Fuss for Delightfully Engaged

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