Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What to Wear

Now that the warm weather has arrived, all I'm thinking about are sundresses and ice cream.  Yet, this chic ensemble on Hanneli has me inspired.  It's about time to break out of my skirted outfit uniform in lieu of silk shorts.  Additionally, a soft, lightweight, white or ivory suit jacket is the perfect topper for nearly every summer look (dresses included).  This piece is getting added to my shopping list!  The bold color mixing looks great too.  Y'all know how I like mustard and dusty blue...

Have you seen any outfitting lately that has you inspired?  Do you have a new summer look you're thinking of trying?  Maybe a new color?  New haircut?  A new pair of sunglasses?  Anything?

If not, you should find something!  It could be fun : )

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