Friday, April 29, 2011

Four for Friday

Talk to you all on Monday, dearest readers!  Enjoy...

- I couldn't wait to make the royal wedding one fourth of today's FfF.  I thought I might gush over the dress... but after combing photos this morning I wasn't so jazzed.  Simple.  Traditional.  Inoffensive.  Snooze.  I did love her petite bouquet of lily of the valley though!  Check out this video all about the wedding flowers.  Read more about the significance and symbolism of her floral choices here.
- The Heads of State are Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers, "A mom and pop design shop.  A garage band agency. A start-up that's been around for years."  They do it all, from music posters to books to branding.  Check 'em out!
- Blogger Helene Dujardin of Tartelette has released her first book, Plate to Pixel, Digital Food Photography & Styling.  I think I'm going to have to buy it.  Mostly just to look at her beautiful photos, over and over again.  Though, I could definitely use some photography tips too : )
- I am losing my mind over these incredible wooden rings from Sticks & Stones.  They are too cool.  I want every single one.  All their pieces are handcrafted by a small team of artisans out of Portland, Oregon.  Much of the jewelry also utilized reclaimed wood.  Awesome-ness!  (Found on Where the Lovely Things Are)

Weekend Wishes

It's Friday.  The week is nearly over.  April is nearly over.  Hopefully this terrible Spring weather is over too.

I feel like I could re-post the first post of this week again and it would fit quite appropriately.  I feel blessed to have all my family and friends safe in the wake of  the most recent natural disaster.  My heart goes out to the people of the South, their families and friends.  Please visit the Red Cross if interested in making a donation.  Have a happy and safe weekend! May the month of May bring you sunshine, smiles and lots of flowers!

Illustrations by Eloise Renouf, available on Etsy.

Madewell Madness

I've been soooo good lately.  I haven't shopped at all for the last month!!!  The warmer weather this week is giving me shopper's itch though- total spring shopping fever!  Trouble.  Madwell just open a new store below my office. Double Trouble.  I did some pre-shopping...

Favorites pictured, clockwise from top left:  Somerset grey silk polo, Paint Stroke Tank in limeade, ruched navy Bandeau top and mis-matched black Boy Brief bikini, denim Stetson Havana hat, 2-tone shades by Super Sunglasses People, sagebrush colored Pembroke pleated dress, Braided Chambray Belt, black truffle Tomboy Tee and blacktop heathered Sheldon Sweatshorts.

9-Steps to Vegan Perfection

That title make it sound like some sort of Vegan AA.  The intensive program.  Down to 9 steps from 12.  But no.  This isn't a program.  It was a dessert baking process, taken on by the students at the Natural Gourmet Institute For Health & Culinary Arts.

I was reading through some recent articles on Good and it jumped out at me: The Flax Egg and Other Vegan Baking Tricks.  The author, Michele Wolfson, her baking partner and classmates took on the following challenge:

1. Bake an original recipe, as is
2. Convert flour
3. Convert milk
4. Convert additives
5. Convert sugar
6. Convert butter
7. Convert eggs
8. Make it better
9. Make it mo’ better

They tackled chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, peanut butter cookies, black and white cookies, brownies, banana cupcakes, carrot cake cupcakes, and gingerbread cookies.  This is the delicious madness that ensued...

Wowzers, right?!!!

Definitely go check out the full story.  It's an awesomely sweet tale of trial, error, perseverance, and ultimately that of triumph.   I love the article's closing, "Greatness is not easily attained but well worth the effort. Bon appetit!"

(Seriously, go check it out now- there are more of Michele's mouth watering photos!!!)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty Palette/ Rainbow Brights

Look at all these happy colors!  They're so cheerful all thrown together.   I really love the graphic aspects of each photo too; geometric shapes and blocks of color.  Each image speaks to clean simplicity and modern design without seeming sterile.  Love!

Heart cake topper available on Etsy
Ice cream cups from Sweet Lulu
Vintage pushpins found by Joy
Scarves from Angela Hardison
Cookies by Tulie Bakery

Shoe Love/ Brogues

Ooh, how I love a brogue.  There is something so sexy about an un-sexy un-ladylike 'man-shoe'.  Especially when it's adorned with flourishes of wing-tipping!!!  How I love wing-tipping.

But for summer, I'm really feeling for two-toned brogues in easy-breezy colors.  Isn't Bernadette Pascua's illustration perfect?  That's what I want to shuffle around in for the next four months!  So far, these from Urban are looking like my only (leather free) option.  I'm still on the hunt though.

Let me know if you find something first!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inside-Out Carrot Muffins

If a gun were held to my head and I were forced to name my three favorite baked desserts I'd be in trouble.  It would be nearly impossible for me to determine which of my favorites are my tippy-top, most favorites.  But if this gun-toting, desert inquiring, mad-person were to ask me for my top 10, then I'd probably do fine.  The list would most assuredly include carrot cake.

Except now... carrot cake might be bumped by this recipe for Inside-Out Carrot Muffins.  Remember Stuffed Cookies, and my zealous rant about their supremacy over other desserts (mostly just the cake-pop).  Yeah... well duh, of course I'm into these cream cheese icing-stuffed mini carrot cakes!!!  I know I just said mini carrot cakes.  In my book, a cake is a muffin is a cake.  End of story. 

To be continued... in the kitchen

Little Babies!!!

Two of my favorite foodie blog gals recently posted their tasty recipes alongside photo of  beyond adorable animals.  Little, fluffy, cuddly baby animals!!!

Julie of Always with Butter featured bunnies and Heidi of 101 Cookbooks found some birdies.  And I must say that I'm dying.  They are so sweet!!!  I want to jump up and town, scrunch-up my face and screech, "ceeeee-uuuuuute! 

Visit the blogs and enjoy the pics : )

Jetting Off (For a Day)

Farewell NYC.  I'm off to Ohio for work again.  Hopefully just the day... the weather is getting a little scary in the north east.  Thunder and lightening, oh my!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

Make sure to check in later today.  I'm not leaving you post-less!!!  I'm prepping posts before travel now, in light of the desolation which occurred whilst I was away in Hawaii : )

This illustration is by the incredibly talented Chris Dent.  I discovered it on Ffffound, linked from Beautiful/Decay Magazine.  Dent specialized in urban architectural illustrations.  The endevors to, "combine reality and an original point of view to create engaging and charming representations of the world".  I think they are super, duper charming!  Don't you agree?  I love this one of Paris.  Dent has some prints available for purchase too.  Check them out here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hazelnut Butter

I have a funny (and sort of terrible!!!) thing to confess... when I bought my dear "little 4-cup" food processor a year ago it was for the sole purpose of making vegan Nutella for my BF.  I haven't made any yet!  Eeek : )

It's come it handy for tons of other little dishes; hummus, salsa, pureed veggies and fruit or liquifyed tofu (I know that sounds gross- but I use tofu gel a lot)!  Every time I use "little 4-cup" a pang of guilt sears through me... oh chocolate hazelnut butter, one day you'll be made!  Just this morning I passed the bulk bins at Wholefoods and admired the hazelnuts.  They're such cute little marbles!  All plump and delicious, hiding in flakes of butter-brown skin!!!

I think this weekend "little 4-cup" may finally actualize his destiny: whipping up some vegan Nutella for the BF!  I plan on using this recipe, by Allyson on xgfx.  Doesn't it look heavenly?!

Top photos from xgfx
Bottom photos from Sarah Britton of New Roots (check out her tasty coco-free hazelnut butter recipe too!)

Spring in her Step

I love this look from Caroline Engman, on!  So chic...

It's lovely here in NY, we've had 3 warm-ish Spring-y days in a row now.  This morning I saw lots of bare-legged ladies.  And, while I'm not ready to skip around in skirts until it's at least 75 degrees, I could totally get behind Caroline's outfit.  Her blue chiffon palazzo pants and classic white blouse are perfect for these not-quite balmy temperatures.  And check out that amazing green shoulder bag!!!  Visit to find out where she shops for her pants, bag, and glasses.  As far as the other duds go, we'd all do well to invest in a great silk/cashmere leo-print scarf, sky-high nude platform sandals, and some skinny bracelets in hot shades.

(Just A) Thank You!

Over the past week I've had so many people reach out and tell me that they're enjoying w&w.  I wanted to take a moment and say thanks, it means so much to me!  Whether you check in daily or once every few weeks, I appreciate it so very, very much!  The wealth of patronage has completely shocked me.  From the raw numbers to the variety of countries you come from- I've got to say, readers you amaze me!  I appreciate your every click, comment, and email.  After all, w&w would be a very sad, lonely little spot without you keeping it (and me) company!!!  You rock : )

And if ever you want to get in tough, please, please do!  I love hearing from you.  You rock (again)!

Illustration by Jennifer Muller, 12 assorted note cards available on Amazon.

Monday, April 25, 2011


I'm feeling lovey-dovey and of the mindset that everything is better heart shaped.  This would include things you bake.  No reason to wait until Valentine' Day, these treats are perfect all year long!  I seriously need to get some heart ramekins or spring-forms... these desserts are just too cute!

-Coeur al a Creme from Molly Schuster on From Me, To You
- Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cakes from Zoe Bakes
- Cherry Strudel Coffee Cake from Always with Butter
- Sea-Salted Chocolate and Pecan Praline Tart from Poires au Chocolat

Happy Monday!

Hello my sweets!  How was your weekend?  Mine was full of good food, great conversations, the best of friends, healthfulness and overwhelming happiness!  The April showers held out Sunday afternoon.  It was a beautiful day for Easter Brunch on my friends' terrace.  How much more lovely could life be?  I think it's pretty near perfect : )

On a similar note, isn't this illustration great?  I found it over at The Baking Bird.  There are so many things in this world that bring joy to life and that we, in turn, should be thankful for.

Illustration by Laura Berger, print available on Etsy.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Four for Friday

Okay chilluns, here are your four...

- Check out Jamie Beck's lovely photos from the Gretchen Jones trunk show.  She captured lots of lovely details!
- The Daily Spark is Matchbook Magazine's new blog.  Word is, it's chock full o' freebies.  Head over and follow that blog!  Grab that swag!!!
 - Hyperbole isn't new to me but there is a new post up that had me laugh-crying yesterday.  Allie doesn't post very often so it's always a treat!  This hilarious blog is sure to brighten your Friday.  Her dog tales are my favorites.  Hurray for Simple Dog!!!
- I've been hanging out on Greedy Girl a lot lately (such a medley of awesome finds)!  How amazing are these sunglasses by Super and this necklace by Dani M?!!!  They are the perfect warm weather accessories.  Need them.  Now.

Easter Inspiration

I'm so bummed out... this week totally got away from me.  I've been in overdrive, trying to catch up at work and on my blog reading/research.  Yet, I find the week spent and my dear little w&w has no Easter festivities posts!!!  It's truly is a travesty.  Shame on me.  Hand slap!

I'm going to kinda, sorta try to make up for it with this post.  I call it a collage of Easter inspiration.  Are you playing host this Sunday?  I'm not.  But if I were, you can bet I'd be all about this stuff!!!

- How pretty would tiers of vellum bunnies be, draped about your home and garden?!  Yes-pretty!!!  Martha Stewart and Titatoni (via Twig & Thistle) have the how-to's for bunny garlands in the prettiest of pastels.

- Bunny Cookies (with bows!) are the cutest sugar cookies imaginable.  I mean, who doesn't like bunnies?!!!

- Create a beautiful bouquets of paper blooms (via Elephantine).  Mix them up with other lovely fresh blossoms, like Queen Red Lime Zinnias.

- And don't forget to whip up your own (vegan) milk chocolate bars!  Pick up some novelty molds for eggs and bunnies!  Thanks xgfx for the link!

Kale Chips

This weekend, do like the Easter bunnies and nibble on some garden greens!  Kale chips are not the freshest choice but they may be the hip-est.  These crunchy leaflets are quickly becoming a mega-trend.  Food blogs everywhere are offering up their take on a home recipe.  If baking them yourself sounds like too much work (lazy bones!) you can count on nearly any supermarket to stock at least one brand of kale chip.  Check out the delectable recipes pictured above on Alexandra's Kitchen, Use Real Butter and RawMazing.

For purchase, consider New York Naturals, Lydia's, Living Zen Raw Organic or Solar Raw.  Many other brands are out there too, online as well as in-store.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lim Heng Swee

I discovered illustrator Lim Heng Swee a couple days ago, when my BF sent me link to one of her cute prints.  He thought I would like this bunny, he was right!  So cute!!!

Swee hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  She has been illustrating and creating visual art since 2003.  Beyond all, she says she loves doodling.  Doodling was what prompted the launch of her career.  Her web site, I Love Doodle is full of the cutest things.  For more on Lim, follow her Facebook page and browse her Etsy.  And make sure you check out Threadless to vote for her adorable buggy T-shirt design.

Alix & Etam

The Cherry Blossom Girl is doing a capsule collection for Etam.  The underpinnings are super lovely; peachy pink and cream with lots of lace, bows, and rosettes.  All the pretty details that a girl loves on her lingerie.  Sadly, Etam does not ship to the US (pout!) but there are lots of other countries that they will ship to.  Hopefully you are more lucky than I.  Sigh... instead I'll just pour over the PR photos and watch the video.  So pretty!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Type Happy/ Blackwood

It seemed fitting that today I would discover Blackwood on Typography Served.  We saw lots of wood type white on vacation the past two weeks.  My BF, ever the type enthusiast, seemed to be pointing it out everywhere.  There were examples of Zebrawood signage all over Hawaii and it was on some of my brother's fireman gear too.  Blackwood, adorned with various floral corsages is a favorite of mine already!  You all know what a flower freak I am!!!

Blackwood designed by Octavio Pardo

Bike Love

The ultimate bike accessory has been found!  No, not the brewskies... the cinch!  It'll cinch just about anything to your frame and was originally designed for (and by) a Hardcourt Bike Polo player.  How fabulous, right?  I know scads of Brooklynites who could use this handy-dandy cinch (mostly to transport a case of 6, not polo mallets).  What would you cinch?

Purchase it on Walnut Studio's Etsy
Photo found on {whit + delight}

Spring Teasing

Spring seems satisfied with only hints at a tepid future, apparently not quite ready to show it's face.  The crisp sunlight of a waning winter has given way to gloom and showers.  But with it has come delicious, blossoming trees!  After months of sad and stark tree skeletons lining curbs and dotting parks, I'm thrilled to see their branches now laden with blooms.  Crabapple, Cherry, Plum, Dogwood, and the majestic Magnolia boughs are wrapped in a swirl of wedding lace and cotton candy hued flowers.
Top photo and photo of magnolia bud by Sara Ryhanen, of Saipua.  The two photos above, of white and pink blooms by Amy Merrick of An Apple A Day.

Are the trees a-bloom where you are, readers?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Very Vanilla & Cherry Coffee Cake

This Sunday the BF and I are getting together with friends for an Easter brunch pot luck.  As soon as I saw the invite my mind wandered... baked goods... mmmmmm.

Inside my head shuffled all the breakfast recipes I've been dying to try out.  I decided on coffee cake since it's easy to prepare a day ahead.  Because I'm committed to showing all of my friends how deliciously perfect vegan food can be, I knew that a dry-run would be necessary.  So that's what I did last Sunday.  I did-a-darned good bake job.

I started off with Alyson of Manifest: Vegan's "favorite" Cherry Almond Coffee Cake and modified it slightly into what can only be described at the coffee cake of my dreams.  Continue on for the full dishing...

Very Vanilla & Cherry Coffee Cake
(makes an 8" square or round cake)

1/2 cup dried cherries
1/2 cup boiling water
1/2 cup vanilla soy milk (you could also try Silk's Very Vanilla for some added kick)
1 tablespoon cider vinegar (regular vinegar will work too- just don't use balsamic!)
3/4 cup margarine (I used half coconut oil, as I stupidly forgot to buy more Earth Balance at the market)
1 1/3 cup sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
4 1/2 teaspoons Ener-G egg replacer whipped with 6 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
3/4 cup sweet sorgum flour
3/4 cup rice flour
1/2 cup tapioca flour
1/3 cup rolled oats (I chopped my oats a little finer in my coffee grinder)
1/2 cup sweet sorgum flour
1 1/2 teaspoons margarine 
1/4 cup dried cherries
1 tablespoon margarine
1 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons vanilla soy milk

- In a small bowl, soak cherries in boiling water
- In a large mixing bowl cream together sugar, margarine and vanilla
- Whip together Ener-G egg replacer and water is a small bowl
- Mix Ener-G into the large mixing bowl with sugar and margarine
- Stir together soy milk and vinegar in small bowl, let it sit for 5 minutes (creating a "vegan buttermilk")
- In another mixing bowl combine sweet sorgum flour, rice flour, tapioca flour, salt and baking powder.
- Gradually combine dry mixture to the sugar and margarine, also adding a tablespoon of curdled milk at a time
- Beat until fluffy
- Drain the cherries and fold into batter
- Grease your pan and pour in cake batter!
- On to the crumble... combine all ingredients except the cherries, work together with forks or fingers
- Mix in half of the remaining cherries
- Cover batter evenly with crumble, distribute the remaining cherries on top
- Place in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes
- Once the coffee cake is finished (a knife inserted in the middle will come out clean), remove from oven and let cool completely
- Mix together all icing ingredients (add a little more soy milk if consistency is too thick), and artistically drizzle on your baking masterpiece!!!

Etsy Love/ White Owl

I recently found the prettiest shop, White Owl.  They're a long time sponsor on one of my favorite blogs,  Creature Comforts.

White Owl's trinkets are crafted by a sisterly duo, our of Detroit Michigan.  Lovers of vintage, the two appreciate all things handmade.  Many of the materials used are rescued from estate sales, flea markets and even their Grandmother.  While they try to use vintage and re-purposed materials as often as possible, they also love the mix of old and new.  They collaborate on many creative endeavors outside of jewelry; films, photography, and art too. 

To read up more on the talented shop owners or keep abreast of new White Owl shop adds, you can follow their twitter, add them on facebook, or follow their blog.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Did you know it's actually HawaiĘ»i?  Yeah, with a backwards apostrophe thingy.  I didn't know that until we were there.  And, you pronounce the "w" as a "ve".  I like it more that way : )

As promised, here are some snapshots from our getaway.  The last one is of me and my sweetie, sitting on a beach-side lawn, while we watched a sunset hula performance!