Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inside-Out Carrot Muffins

If a gun were held to my head and I were forced to name my three favorite baked desserts I'd be in trouble.  It would be nearly impossible for me to determine which of my favorites are my tippy-top, most favorites.  But if this gun-toting, desert inquiring, mad-person were to ask me for my top 10, then I'd probably do fine.  The list would most assuredly include carrot cake.

Except now... carrot cake might be bumped by this recipe for Inside-Out Carrot Muffins.  Remember Stuffed Cookies, and my zealous rant about their supremacy over other desserts (mostly just the cake-pop).  Yeah... well duh, of course I'm into these cream cheese icing-stuffed mini carrot cakes!!!  I know I just said mini carrot cakes.  In my book, a cake is a muffin is a cake.  End of story. 

To be continued... in the kitchen

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