Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Inspiration

I'm so bummed out... this week totally got away from me.  I've been in overdrive, trying to catch up at work and on my blog reading/research.  Yet, I find the week spent and my dear little w&w has no Easter festivities posts!!!  It's truly is a travesty.  Shame on me.  Hand slap!

I'm going to kinda, sorta try to make up for it with this post.  I call it a collage of Easter inspiration.  Are you playing host this Sunday?  I'm not.  But if I were, you can bet I'd be all about this stuff!!!

- How pretty would tiers of vellum bunnies be, draped about your home and garden?!  Yes-pretty!!!  Martha Stewart and Titatoni (via Twig & Thistle) have the how-to's for bunny garlands in the prettiest of pastels.

- Bunny Cookies (with bows!) are the cutest sugar cookies imaginable.  I mean, who doesn't like bunnies?!!!

- Create a beautiful bouquets of paper blooms (via Elephantine).  Mix them up with other lovely fresh blossoms, like Queen Red Lime Zinnias.

- And don't forget to whip up your own (vegan) milk chocolate bars!  Pick up some novelty molds for eggs and bunnies!  Thanks xgfx for the link!

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