Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hazelnut Butter

I have a funny (and sort of terrible!!!) thing to confess... when I bought my dear "little 4-cup" food processor a year ago it was for the sole purpose of making vegan Nutella for my BF.  I haven't made any yet!  Eeek : )

It's come it handy for tons of other little dishes; hummus, salsa, pureed veggies and fruit or liquifyed tofu (I know that sounds gross- but I use tofu gel a lot)!  Every time I use "little 4-cup" a pang of guilt sears through me... oh chocolate hazelnut butter, one day you'll be made!  Just this morning I passed the bulk bins at Wholefoods and admired the hazelnuts.  They're such cute little marbles!  All plump and delicious, hiding in flakes of butter-brown skin!!!

I think this weekend "little 4-cup" may finally actualize his destiny: whipping up some vegan Nutella for the BF!  I plan on using this recipe, by Allyson on xgfx.  Doesn't it look heavenly?!

Top photos from xgfx
Bottom photos from Sarah Britton of New Roots (check out her tasty coco-free hazelnut butter recipe too!)

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