Monday, October 31, 2011


Snow?!  And Sun!  Here in NY, we had equal parts last weekend.  Weird.  Saturday brought a 2.9 inches of fluffy white.  It's an October record, peeps.  The book say we've never reached a full inch of snow during October (1952 brought .5 and 1925 ushered .8).  Global warming, you freaky!

Of course after the storm passed it was nuthin' but sunshine.  Sunday was soooo purdy.  I felt like the weather was in complete denial over the past day's craziness.  It was like, "Huh, snow?  I don't know what you're talking about.  Look at this sky!  It's perfection.  You love me, I'm the awesome weather.  I'm your best-est buddy!  Go for a bike ride, have brunch at a side walk eatery, window shop for hours."

Weather, you so sly.  We don't know what is up with your moods.  We know it's our fault though.  For poisoning the earth, and all : (

Prints available on Etsy, from Kindygarden

Friday, October 28, 2011

Four for Friday

Here in NY, the cold snap is snappin' and the ice-rain is approaching!  Since my apple picking trip has been taken off the table (thank you weather) I can't help by fixate on all things apple.... 

- Hungry Ghost.  Most awesome blog name ever.  The photos won me over instantly (and of course, the recipes rock too).  Rustic elegance at it's best; check it out people!
- Martha Stewart has some pretty cool last minute, easy to make Halloween crafts!  There are so many great details if you're entertaining; I love this pumpkin cooler, these potato-stamp treat bags and this spooky floral arrangement!  (and caramel apples; choco, poison, & classic)
- Yummy Supper.  It's way more than supper.  There is a lot of meaty-ness going on : (  But, there are some totally incredible lookin' veg recipes too.  Yay!
- I'm quickly becoming obsess-i-fied with Parker Etc.  It's a dose of design with a dollop of craftiness.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guess Who?

It's me!  (It's my Halloween alter ego, actually!)  I'm so excited; rock star for a weekend!  The BF is going as "my" Crystal Castles band mate Ethan Kath.  What are you going to be?!!!

P.s. One of my favorite things about Halloween are pets in costumes.  If I had a little pup I would totally dress it up!  What about you, yey or ney?

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nearly Hallows Time

Are you packing in lots of festive spook-filled activities in the coming days?!!!  I'm trying to get the last components of my costume together (parties are going down Friday and Saturday).  Then, this weekend it's apple and pumpkin picking.  Yeep!!!  This will (of course) be followed by carving and baking projects.  Fun!!!

Pssst, wouldn't this cool candle (from Old Hollywood in Greenpoint!) be an awesome centerpiece for an uber chic Halloween cocktail party? (BTW, I'm really wishing I had planned a shin-dig like that.)  I'm imagine this candle reigning above a nest of past their prime blooms and fall foliage in moody hues!

All images from Saipua, by Sarah Ryhanen

Monday, October 24, 2011

Interior Lust/

Lonny has the most exquisite montage of bathrooms.  Heavenly!  I wish any one of these was mine; where I got to relax in the tub and play with make-up!  This is my fave though... love me some subway tiles.  Which is your dream bath?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy weekend dolls!  See you Monday!  FfF time...

- Instant fan of Blushing Ambition.  I mean, today she's wearing one of my signature outfits.
- I'm getting a flower fix over at Honey of a Thousand Flowers.  Sigh.  
- There are num-yummy autumnal dishes over at Sprouted KitchenCrusted butternut squashBaked sweet potatos and chilliPlum tarts!!!!
- Go see heartwarming sketches of my city over at the darling blog All The Buildings In New York.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What English Sounds Like

For the last 3 weeks I've immersed myself in the French language.  Well.  At least I've tried.  As much as I can.  I've found a great podcast which teaches French in 15-20 minute lessons.  (Pssst- they do other languages too!)  Almost every minute of time spent alone, has been time spent with the podcast programs.  I'm actually having quite a bit of fun!  I must say, learning French hasn't been easy so far.  The accent is difficult.  Soooo difficult.  And, I find myself mixing in Italian words pretty often.  Darn Italian, scoot outta my brain for a while! 

I happened to find this post about how English sounds to non-English speakers on A Cup Of Joe.  (Kinda funny, because I was thinking about this the other day.)  Anyway, watch the video.  It's really good fake English!

Prints available from Etsy (here and here)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mapped Out

I want some of these!!!  I'm in agony over what to spell though... any suggestions?  What would you write on a wall?  I'm leaning toward the random arrangement route in lieu of spelling out a word.

Map covered lettering by Urban Outfitters

Monday, October 17, 2011

Modern, Danish Modern

My BF bought a new (old) desk last week.  It en route from San Fran right now.  He spent the last few months searching (the country) for it.  It's a lovely teak, mid century piece.  I'm a lil jealous.  Not that I could fit a desk in my apt...   

I'm a sucker for Danish Modern.  It reminds me of my grandparent's home in California.  They had a great house, filled with stunning furniture.  Wonderful maps.  Beautiful lighting.  Incredible crockery, vessels and art.  Warm, yet minimal.  Heaven.

I found these photos on A Cup Of Joe.  Joanna's buddies Matt and Megan live in this urban oasis.  The apartment itself is in Long Island City, Queens.  Read more about it here; they mention why they left Brooklyn, where they shop for home-ware and more!

Photos by Oh, Darling! photography

Friday, October 14, 2011

Four for Friday

Grrrrreeatings laaads aaand laaasses.  For the past week there's been a lot of Scottish English and random French phrases floating through my mind.  I'm getting in lots of French lessons on the train.  But- they're taught by two Scotties, which is super cute but a little distracting.  Aaaanywhooh, happy weekend.  I'll be practicing lots more French and overall just trying to de-stress-ify myself.  Seeh yehooooh aaaaall Mooondeh!

- I discovered Little Bunny last weekend at the Brooklyn Flea.  Soooooo cute! 
- I'm obsessed with these photos of Abigail Ahern's London home, shot by Todd Selby.
- The cutest how to draw book!  Written and illustrated by artist Marion Deuchars!
- U Try It!  Lots of easy peasy snacks and treats.  I'm into these lemon sandwitch cookies and this apple/pom salad.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This is the Good Stuff

Mmmm, transitional treats!  Summer and early Autumn mash up in a glory of fruit produce.  Thinking... I need to dive deep into some baking therapy.  ASAP.

Clockwise from top, far left:

- Dutch Baby with Blueberries from Always with Butter
- Apple Chips from A Cozy Kitchen
- Raspberry bars from Big Girls Small Kitchen
- Pumpkin Pie Snickerdoodles from Crepes of Wrath

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Days

Today is not a happy day.  My work is sucking most of the fun-ness out of this week.  Bye-bye blogging.  Bye bye ballet class.  Bye-bye relaxing evenings and peaceful sleep.  Hello 12+ hour days,  five minute lunch breaks, working from home and stress-induced nightmares.  Ugh.  My vacation will not happen soon enough.  In the meantime, I truly am trying to be positive.  I just needed to vent to you guys a little : )

Temp tattoo image available at Tattley, designed by Marc Johns

Monday, October 10, 2011

Etsy Love/ Slippin' Southern

Greg Morris, of Slippin' Southern left Chicago and the advertising world to peruse the hand crafted arts in a 100+ year old farm house in Snow Hill, North Carolina.  Since his southward move he's, "been reminded of simple words and phrases reminiscent of his youth in Pensacola, Florida; stuff only fine Southern belles and good ole Southern boys are privy to."  He works 1/2" thick Southern pine plywood into these regional phrases or images of local animals.  I'm into this pink pony.  Which is your fave?

Discovered via Blue Moss

Friday, October 7, 2011

Four for Friday

Hey angels, I'm making this short.  You still get the full four below but I'm keeping the mumbo jumbo here to a minimum.  Lots of work.  Friday.  Must wrap this junk up.  Must escape the office.  Have a fab weekend loves, see you Monday!

 - 15 Ombre DYI Projects are over at Babble.  I'm totes toying with the ombre lantern shade idea.  Mine needs a make-over!
- Loving this funky-funfilled jewelry from Not Tuesday.  I want this one!
- More sweet and fanciful little watercolors are up on Luci Everett's Flickr.  I was head-over-heels with this one last February.  But now I'm feeling for her abstracted pieces like this.
- New spot to obsess over flowers: Ariel Dearie. Preeeeetteeeeeey!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pretty (neat-o) Picture/ Greg Sand

Check out these cool collage-ish portraits by Greg Sand.  Each is made of 3 photographs, taken at different times in the subject's life, and woven together.  I want to do make some for my family and the BF!  Sweet little crafty keepsake, right?!

Found via Butter & Brass

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Get Well Soon Cakes

I'm so tempted to make this recipe.  Yes, right now.  Right this second.  Tea, lemon and honey bunts, yum!  Of course, I can barely taste anything.  And I seriously doubt a cake is going to contribute to good health.  It would be nice though.  Like magic.  Magic Get Well Bunt Cakes!  Sigh...

Still home.  Drinking tea.  Sucking on menthol drops.  Sleeping two hours for every one that I'm awake.  Feeling pitiful but hopeful, like maybe all the sleep and medicine will make me strong tomorrow.  Maybe?  Please?!!!  Health, why have you deserted me?  Not cool.  As my BF and I often exclaim, "this is sucks!"

Get Well Soon Cakes from Desserts for Breakfast

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Still Sick

I was sent home from work. I've taken my Theraflu tablets, popped copius amounts of Halls drops and sipped down about half a dozen cups of tea. My headache is on it's way out (I think) and I feel okay enough to venture back to the computer for a few minutes. I'm being such a total baby but I'm not used to being so sick for so many days.

While I go rest up, check out...

- Gorgeous flower photos from Amy Merrick (she rescued the wedding by playing photographer)
- A stunning Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Chloe (bravo Clare Waight Keller!)
- Delectable vegan Apple Cheesecake (Autumn desserts ROCK)

Now, dutifully back to the couch with fluffy pillows and a warm blanket...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Heureuse Lundi!

So, the bummer news is that I'm still icky-sicky and super-stressed-busy at work.  But on a brighter note, I'll be enjoying Paris in a month!  I'm so excited.  So excited!!!  I've already bought chic Muji travel toiletries and the BF bought a gorgeous collapsible Polaroid camera!  While being completely unfit for travel in a practical way, I'm totally ready to go right now in spirit!

I'm loving everything and anything French.  This adorable poster is no exception!  Don't you love his beret, mustache and the petite sac lunch (complete with wine!) sitting in his bicycle basket?  Too sweet!

Found via Design Love Fest