Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Get Well Soon Cakes

I'm so tempted to make this recipe.  Yes, right now.  Right this second.  Tea, lemon and honey bunts, yum!  Of course, I can barely taste anything.  And I seriously doubt a cake is going to contribute to good health.  It would be nice though.  Like magic.  Magic Get Well Bunt Cakes!  Sigh...

Still home.  Drinking tea.  Sucking on menthol drops.  Sleeping two hours for every one that I'm awake.  Feeling pitiful but hopeful, like maybe all the sleep and medicine will make me strong tomorrow.  Maybe?  Please?!!!  Health, why have you deserted me?  Not cool.  As my BF and I often exclaim, "this is sucks!"

Get Well Soon Cakes from Desserts for Breakfast

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