Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sick Day...

Sorry guys, I didn't intend on playing blog-hookie yesterday.  A crazy/scary something happened... on my way into work I passed out on the train platform.  Like, out of nowhere.  Feelin' fine, readin' my book, listenin' to the ol' iTunes.  Then whammy- terrible nausea, waves of feverish heat, tunnel vision and waking up on the dirty (ew!) floor of the subway station.

Thank goodness nothing worse happened.  The whole scene has played out in my imagination (a few times) with a much more sobering outcome (ie: falling onto the tracks and dying).  So right now I feel pretty lucky.  Also, really looking forward to seeing the doctor and getting blood tests before this happens again (though hopefully not).

Image from Viva La Queen found on Deviant Art

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, Tomato!

Are you a pizza fan?  Love a classic margarita, laden with tomato flavor and spiked with herbs?  Here are a few different spins on the savory dish that get you out of a pizza rut...

Above, clockwise from far left:
- Tomato and rosemary tart from Bella Eats
- Tomato crostini from The District Domestic
- Tomato cobbler from Lottie and Doof
- Tomato and basil pastry bite form Spabettie

Image at left by Andrea of Bella Eats

Friday, August 26, 2011

Four for Friday

I'm taking a half Friday work day!!!  Gonna head out and meet up with the little sis.  Planning to have some carefree Friday fun since there's a freaky weekend ahead of us... fingers crossed that this hurricane hits us mildly.  Eeek!  See you Monday (hopefully)!

- I'm tinkering with the idea of buying a new bag.  Street FSN's man bag featurettes Part 1 and Part 2 have me all abuzz about totes!

- I've been eating a lot of local, heirloom tomaters in the past few weeks and was looking for some new recipes to try out.  I discovered Tomato Tango.  This place is awesome!  So much delicious whole-food goodness.  (And as this photo alludes, there's way more than just tomaters!!!)
- I'm in love with A Fine Day for Sailing.  This is not your average fashion blogger's site, Islabelle Murray's indie chic style is so refreshing!  I immediately thought she was from San Fran (correct!) by her urban-cool casual outfitting and penchant for all things thrifed and hand-made.
- Have you been following Refinery 29's Month of Hair?  I should've been! (Such a lazy hair do-er)  Maybe I'll replicate every look for the month of September instead...


Atmostheory; design I like!  This palette screams my name, don't you love it too?!!!

Atmostheory is the one man design house, of Christopher David Ryan.  Very different than the clean and bold work done under his own moniker.  He terms this work "progressive" and illustration based.  I'm a fan!  

Discovered via Color Collective

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Brooklyn Engagement

Sweet photos = nice backgrounds + cute couples.  I just had to share!

Photos found on Once Wed, by Oh! Darling!

Type Happy/ GQ Style

This drippy typeface makes me think of Jackson Pollock, the manly man of abstract expressionist painting.  It's quite fitting, as the letters were commissioned by GQ Magazine, the manly-chic dude's glossy.  Even though they were designed with the rougher gender in mind, I like!  There is something nice about the liquidity... It takes me back to elementary days, painting abstractly by blowing watery tempera around with a straw.  Remember that project?

Font designed by Steven Bonner, found via Typography Served

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trinkets/ Dear Rae

Delicate wisps of metal and petite baubles in the loveliest earthen hues?  That's what Dear Rae is all about.  I'm a huge fan the pendant necklaces but am totally in love with the entire collections of little rings!  I want to stack a bunch of them together.  Maybe the sterling/rose heart worn with a couple geo bands?!  Or, a plaited band paired with a couple stone solitaries?  Possibly just the trio of silver bead-y rings?  Each Dear Rae piece is custom made to your size (and all stones are unique and one-of-a-kind).  No two pieces are alike!  Handmade trinkets are the best!!!  Do you have a favorite?

Found via Size Too Small

Sweet Details

I thought the place cards at this wedding were so darn adorable!  I want to have a dinner party and make some!!!  Party accessories that speak to each guest are so special; a great little keepsake they can take home to treasure!  The wedding cake toppers are really cute too.  Check out Ruffled for more photos and lots of other sweet details at Corey and Danielle's celebration.

Pretty Picture/ Cool Cacti

Not sure if it was last week's jaunt back to the dry hills of Southern California or the sudden moodiness of my house plants, but I'm feeling for cacti.  These photos, by Elly Yap seem to capture the lonely romance of an dessert landscape; awash with light, stark and still, abound beauty amid monotonous shape, color and texture.  I'd love this quartet of images framed on a wall.  Soothing, right?

Found via Seesaw Designs

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Utility" Puzzle Card

I was about to post this entry a little more than an hour ago... then things started to rumble.  And then we had to evacuate.  Nice little baby of an earthquake here on the east coast!  Anyway, back to the business at hand-

Check out this awesome greeting and occasion card from Grain!  It would be perfect for a puzzle fan but would tickle the fancy of anyone fun-loving.  So this is the scoop, "the Utility Card uses a word search puzzle to hide over 100 classic well wishes. Ready for any occasion, simply circle the sentiment you wish to communicate. Blank space for writing provided on the back."  Check out their site for a list of hidden sentiments.

Besides the card's super cuteness, it's also environmentally friendly.  Text is letter pressed on extra thick tree-free paper that uses cotton fiber waste from textile manufacturing.  It comes with a brown, 100% post-consumer recycled content envelope (and a cheat-sheet to help you find phrases). Yay!

Found via Swiss Miss

Too-Cute Book Covers

I adore these illustrations by Julianna Brion.  I'm half tempted to buy the books, just to enjoy the covers!  

Found via Where the Lovely Things Are

Monday, August 22, 2011

Four for Friday

Ugh.  I know.  Where the heck have I been?!!!  I hardly know myself people... that last 5 days have been a whirl.  And it ain't stopping!  Because I'm such a delinquent... FfF is finally here on Monday and +2.

- I knew Closet Visit was gonna be good just from the name.  Within this fab site you get a peek behind closed closet doors (and then some) of the coolest creative gals.  The array of ladies work as apparel and accessories designers, photographers, film makers, stylists, gallery and boutique owners, interior designers bloggers, etc.  Captured by Jeana Sohn, these chicest of chic indie innovators get snapped playing dress-up in their favorite duds.  Love!
- Have a hankering for some boho-indie-hipster coolness?  That quest may take you to Haley Ann Robinson and all her creative endeavors.  I'm particularly into her blog; Moccasin Telegraph.  Her favorite fashion finds, original photography and poster designs are a nice fix for my laid-back-west-coast culture void.
 (She's also from my alma mater!)
- Connie, author of The Paper Dialogues is such a cutie!  She fills her blog with pretty pics (girl's got photo skills!), hip jewelry and apparel, fun craft projects, funky interior design, edgy art and tasty treats.  It's a lifestyle blog after my own heart.  Click back through her archives, you'll find plenty to delight the eyes!

- Spabettie is a great stop for whole food centric recipes.  I have to say, the site lacks design-y-ness but makes up for it in delicious content.  I'm also kinda won over by the well shot foodie pics.  They're unfussy, straight forward, real.  No needless artistry.  Just good lookin' eats.  (Lots of vegan recipes too!!!) 
- Christopher David Ryan will have you design smitten.  His work charms, with images almost child-like in simplicity and copy or composition often doused with wit.  Ryan also has a blog and print shop.  You can also find him on Flickr and Twitter.
- Right now I'm feeling for the recent shots by Mr Newton.  This street photographer who actually studied law and resides in NYC, offers up quite a melting pot of style on his blog.  I'm feelin' it; diggin' stylish gals who aren't all one note.  Most photographers can't make that claim.  Go Newton! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Etsy Love/ Naturalist Collection

Naturalist Collection!!!  My heart swelled as my eyes hyper-scanned the computer screen; botanical prints galore!  Literally, dozens of pages.  And, not just flowers- birdies, buggies, fruit, even fish!  These prints are a killer deal too, they range from 1 to 2 dollars.  I know... crazy!  Shipping is just a few bucks too.  Score!!!  The only problem now is narrowing down to my favorites, eep!

New Tatties

You know I love Tattly (uh-huh, yeah).  Temp tats remind me of being a kid and pretending to be tough stuff. (I know you pretended too, don't lie!)  Plus temps mean no needle-application and perma-ink.  Both of which freak me out.  Big time.

Well, Tattly's got some new designs in the shop.  They're all summery in theme!  Sooo cute.  Too cute, really.  I adore the popscicles.  But I'm also lusting after that cluster of watercolor-y mangoes!  You have a fave?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Prime Redux

Fab palette!  Everyone is jumping on board and really, why not?  These hues are ideal for summer to fall transition.  Lots of chic neutrals: putty, slate and classic ivory.  A dose of blue, one part dusty dove and one part peppy French blue.  The handful of red hues is really key; some deeper spice tones are needed and a bold hit of vermillion is essential.  Then, a little kiss of butter yellow to finish it off.  Perfetto! 

Images, left to right:
Packing list for a road trip from i am a greedy girl
Interior image from Design Sponge
Blaire looking chic on Atlantic-Pacific

Going Back to Cali

To Cali... To Cali...

Okay.  That's enough of my super lame rap skills.  I'll leave the rest of it to LL Cool Jay and you poor readers, who I'm sure will have that chorus stuck in your mind for the remainder of the day. 

But anywhoo.  Yeah!  I'm in Los Angeles for work.  I'm gonna stick around for the weekend, visit the family, see some friends, have fun.  Good stuff.  Happy times.  I've got posts saved up.  So check in now and then to see what's new!

Golden State print available on Etsy

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trinkets/ Merit Badge

Love this.  Wearing it right now.  Yup.  For reals.  Sweetheart BF gave to me.  The wooden badges click and clack against one another when I move and it sounds like bamboo wind chimes!  Happy sounds : )

Available at Anthropologie

Dusty Duds

I saw this gorgeous pic of itty bitty blooms and my mind wandered into a day dream of dust-toned apparel.  The dreamiest sweet hues for these waning summer days: antique cream, faded apricot and toasted taupe.  Aren't they lovely?  Don't you want to step out in head to toe neutrals?  I do, I do!  

Flower image from Saipua

Apparel below, left to right:
- Canvas tote by UO
- Silk blouse at J Crew
- Heeled Oxfords from Anthropologie

Arian Behzadi

Just discovered Arian Behzadi; a Biological Sciences major (with an emphasis in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior!!!) who designs these snazzy pieces between class.  Crazy!  How on earth do these youngsters find the time?!  Behzadi says, " I have always found parallels between art and the sciences so a lot of my studies find their way into my artwork."  I don't know much about bio science... but I love this Audrey and these bathing beauties!!!  Behzadi does commissioned work if you're liking what you see.  You can also view more work on Flickr.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Raw-ing Out

Last night, I suggested that the BF and I go to Rockin' Raw for our 2 year 'niversary dinner.  I was in a healthy-munching mood.  I've been to RR once before and it was good to me (haven't been a fan of some other raw spots in NY).  Over our entrees, we started talking about if we would/could ever go completely raw.  We decided that it would be hard.  Not like, "OMG, there is nothing in the world for me to eat" kind of hard.  Because that's ridiculous.  But hard because we're busy people, who don't prepare food for ourselves very often, who like baked treats on occasion, who depend on coffee and espresso (really that's just me), and who revel whilst gobbling up piping-hot pizza, pasta, burritos or stir fry every once in a while. 

That said, I generally eat about 50% raw daily anyway;  lots of fruit, fresh salads, raw nuts.  After lots of thinking though, I'm going to try to push myself a little further; see if I can get over 75% raw a few times a week.  I'm already dreaming up dinner tonight; raw pesto pasta.  It's going to be based on the BF's dinner choice last night: Tallarines Verdes de La Lala!  Thinking about going with zucchini noodles and pesto sauce, possibly topped with beet and radish crouton crunchies!

Images, clockwise from top left: Tea and Cookies, Our Ohio, 101 Cookbooks and Pinterest (anyone know the origin of this one???)

Ballet & Tuesday

Sharing this photo because ballet makes every day a better day.  Especially Tuesday, for no especial reason : )
I came into the office really early this morning.  After an hour I realized I had more time than work to get through.  So, I messed around with this image a lil bit.  Liking these colors.  

Original photo by Arthur Elgort, found on Pinterest

Cartoon ABC's

I was trying to explain how cute this poster was to my BF last night.  I think my attempt fell a little short.  I mean, this thing is pretty stinkin' cute, putting it into words is something of a challenge!  Loving the colorful mixture too.  Great for a little kiddies bedroom but also pretty awesome if you're into whimsical graphic design or animation.

I was also telling my BF that I must not be up on cartoons.  I never realized my lack of familiarity!!!  Can you identify all the little characters?  I can name fewer than half!  How sad is that...

Found on Society 6

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy 'Niversary

My BF and I are 2 years old!  Happy two years to us; they've been super duper fun!!!  We've had so many great adventures together and I can't wait for oodles more.

Super cute heart motif Twitter background images available for free download from Ollie Bird

Preserving Summer's Bounty

Only a couple weeks of summer are left; what a shame!  This one really flew by.  I want to buy up all the delicious fresh fruit at market to horde!  Berries, cherries, peaches and plums... only too soon must we say farewell 'till next year.  (On Saturday I actually picked a handful of wild blackberries- yumzers!!!)  With summer winding down, I'm seeing a lot of recipes for preserved fruit.  Doesn't it all look tasty?!

Brandied cherries from Shoot to Cook & Canned blue berries from Zoe Bakes

Friday, August 12, 2011

Four for Friday

Time for a fun weekend!  I can't wait to hangout with my sister and do lots of New York-y things.  See y'all back here on Monday.  FfF is up...

- The Nouveau Romantics serves up pretty parties galore.  They offer services such as paper crafting (this includes invitations, greeting cards, save-the-dates, business or calling cards, programs, paper hearts and oodles more), floral arrangements and event design (that means inspiration through execution, complete event design and styling, planning to installation, big picture and all the little details).

- I have a feeling that I'm light years behind everyone else on this, but The Beauty Department is awesome!!!
  They've got the most amazing video tutorials, lots of dishing on the coolest make-up and hair trends, fun little questionaires and pages full of beauty inspiration!  Instant favorite ladies.  I assure you.

- EST Magazine is my new favorite haunt for interior design-y-ness.  I've got to say, it's inspirational to a fault.  (As in, it's making me shop for furniture and accessories that wont fit in my apt!!!)  Peruse at your leisure and subscribe to receive notification every time a new issue posts online!
- I have to preface this entry by saying, the dude-author of this incredible blog is 19 years old!  When he began blogging in 2009 he was still in high school.  Jeez.  Louise.  So, the Sophisticated Gourmet is but a young lad.  Don't be fooled, this place is pro-fesh.  Brimming with gorgeous photos of food you ache to eat.

Most Beautiful Inspiration Ever, Says I

This forest photo shoot, featured on Once Wed, is probably my favorite wedding inspiration to date!  The fruit, flowers, plating and (OMG) that cake are torturing me with their loveliness!  Simple and refined; two of my favorite adjectives!!!

- Photographs by Jose Villa
- Bride’s gown Proenza Schouler purchased here
- Location Serenbe
- Centerpiece: Amy Osaba
- Cake: Sun in My Belly
- Flower girl dresses: J.Crew Contessa and Linley
- Wooden Cake Stand: TheCakeStandBoutique

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Instant Love

So, I've always loved instant cameras and their magical photos.  Since Polaroid stop producing instant film their cameras have become covetable; très chic and more popular than ever.  I myself have never owned an instant camera (which makes them all the more mysterious and wonderful).  Lately, I've been drowning in Polaroid coolness- Impossible Project is blowing up (shout out from Jamie Beck), Polaroid retreat are happening (Morocco!!!) and every odd or end is popping up Polaroid-ed (temporary tattoos, art, t-shirts)!

Polaroid instant camera looked like so much flippin' fun that I decided to go for it...  Better than that, I gave one to my BF for his birthday!  (Way better idea than getting it for myself because 1. He takes much better photos than I do and 2. He enjoys taking photos way more than I do)

I'm so excited to see what develops!  (Lame pun intended)  Do you have, or have you had an instant camera?  Tips?  Tricks?  Favorite model?  Favorite film?

All images from Impossible Project's Color Shade film sample image gallery

Jetting Off (For A Day)

I'm headed out of state.  What a bummer too, with my sis in town and the New York weather being an absolute delight.  At least it's just for the day.  I'll be back home by bedtime and able to enjoy Friday in my city!  See you later NYC...  See you sooner readers!  Yep, check back later for a saved-up post!!!

Photograph by Alicia Block, print available for purchase on Etsy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tarik Mikou

I'm really into these designs by Tarik Mikou.  The eclectic mixture of softness and bold graphic elements is fantastic.  Great texture!  Superb colors!  Amazing compositions!  (Don't the multiple overlays on Audrey just kill you?!!!  I love it!)


Mikou doesn't have a whole lot of information about himself up on his portfolio site.  Like, none.  But you can follow a link to his myspace to gather a little background.  He's hails from Montreal.  And... that's about all I found out.  You know, besides those great/creepy myspace details... age, zodiac sign, favorite films, sexual orientation, ethnicity, personal heroes.  Reposting those here is more "creepy" than "great".  So if you're really curious, you'll have to follow the links.

I say, leave the great/creepy personal shtuff and just enjoy the images.  They're great/lovely.

Welcome to NY!

My little sis has arrived!  It was quite an adventure this morning, subways and the JFK air train were not cooperating. It took three hours of traversing two boroughs but now she and her BF are here; safe, happy and sleeping off jet lag...  Welcome to your new home Noelle!

Check out more pretty pics by Noelle's buddy Amanda Driver

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Wishes!!!

Happy birthday to the most-est wonderful-est guy!  He's my BF.  He likes primary colors.  He's got a kick-butt design skills.  He gives awesome skateboard lessons.  He makes delicious vegan ice cream.  He's got super taste as far as films and music go.  He's a perfectly wonderful travel buddy.  Plus he drinks the same boozy cider that I drink!  (Not to mention, he encourages my toy Yorkie obsession!!!)

BF you are the best-est!  Happy birthday, sweetie bird!  Churty-one is gonna be a good : )

Photos, clockwise from far left: Martha Stewart, Dana Made It and Shop Sweet Lulu


Loving these looks from Revu.  The line is loaded with summer-y basics; classics with a twist of retro and a kiss of feminine sweetness.  The throw-back colors and prints are so fun and funky!  These outfits are ideal for the summer to fall transition.  Eeep!  I'm already planning my outfitting segway into autumn!!!

Found via Color Collective

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pretty Picture/ Yvette Inufio

Yvette Inufio's photos are all softness and light.  The librarian and self taught photographer, skillfully captures dainty objects (often flowers) in dreamy colors, fading in and out of focus.  Many of her fanciful still lives are available for purchase at her Esty store.  Dreamy delight.

All images from Inufio's Flickr

Skate Shades

Shwood has found a way to make skateboards sustainable and good lookin' after they've seen the last of their skating days.  I would totally sport a pair of these chic shades- the grain is gorgeous!  Check out this vimeo, showing the Shwood process; from well-skated board to finely tooled frame!

Found via
Honestly WTF

Weekend Adventure

Did you all have a super weekend?  Mine was busting at the seams with activity and adventure!  The highlights...

- Friday night the BF and I hopped on the PATH train and zipped off to our neighboring state, New Jersey.  We spent the evening exploring Jersey City (a first trip for us both).  We found lovely neighborhoods with elegant old brownstones and pretty little gardens.  We found an adorable vegan cafe and market, Subia's Organic.  Unfortunately it was closed for the evening but now we have a reason to venture back for lunch!

- On Saturday I had a skateboarding lesson!  It was fun.  I got really sweaty.  I liked taking breaks to watch my BF do crazy tricks (he's super). Then we stopped by the Queen's County Farm so that I could pet the goats (goats being one of my most favorite animals).  I ate some wine grapes before seeing the signs, "Do not pick the wine grapes!"  Oops : )  Before leaving Long Island we walked the promenade at Long Beach.  There were signs up everywhere for the Quicksilver surf competition Sept 1-15.  We're planning to check that out over Labor Day weekend.   I also had the BF pull into Target.  There was quite a list of odds and ends for me to get before my little sis moves in!!!

- On Sunday we took the ferry to Governor's Island.  Once there, we rented bikes for a couple hours and peddled around the little island.  There were some big, industrial looking sculpture installations the BF wanted to check out.  I enjoyed the quaint buildings, acres of grassy hillsides, and cobbled paths.  It was definitely an "out of NY" experience. We ended the weekend with a walk to the Williamsburg edge pier.  It rained on us.  We ducked into a favorite restaurant for a little Pan Asian snack and ended up mostly eating pumpkin cheesecake.  Can't complain abouts that!

Bicycle painting by Taliah Lempert (she will do a custom painting of your bike!)