Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Adventure

Did you all have a super weekend?  Mine was busting at the seams with activity and adventure!  The highlights...

- Friday night the BF and I hopped on the PATH train and zipped off to our neighboring state, New Jersey.  We spent the evening exploring Jersey City (a first trip for us both).  We found lovely neighborhoods with elegant old brownstones and pretty little gardens.  We found an adorable vegan cafe and market, Subia's Organic.  Unfortunately it was closed for the evening but now we have a reason to venture back for lunch!

- On Saturday I had a skateboarding lesson!  It was fun.  I got really sweaty.  I liked taking breaks to watch my BF do crazy tricks (he's super). Then we stopped by the Queen's County Farm so that I could pet the goats (goats being one of my most favorite animals).  I ate some wine grapes before seeing the signs, "Do not pick the wine grapes!"  Oops : )  Before leaving Long Island we walked the promenade at Long Beach.  There were signs up everywhere for the Quicksilver surf competition Sept 1-15.  We're planning to check that out over Labor Day weekend.   I also had the BF pull into Target.  There was quite a list of odds and ends for me to get before my little sis moves in!!!

- On Sunday we took the ferry to Governor's Island.  Once there, we rented bikes for a couple hours and peddled around the little island.  There were some big, industrial looking sculpture installations the BF wanted to check out.  I enjoyed the quaint buildings, acres of grassy hillsides, and cobbled paths.  It was definitely an "out of NY" experience. We ended the weekend with a walk to the Williamsburg edge pier.  It rained on us.  We ducked into a favorite restaurant for a little Pan Asian snack and ended up mostly eating pumpkin cheesecake.  Can't complain abouts that!

Bicycle painting by Taliah Lempert (she will do a custom painting of your bike!)

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