Friday, August 5, 2011

Four for Friday

Yo, guys!  I'm out.  Happy weekend, have some fiesty fun okay?  See you back on Monday morning.  FfF is here to take it way...

-  Ready for some in-you-face delicious lookin' food pics? (Seriously, there photos are so great; the camera was all up-close and in food's personal space.  Love it!)  Click your way over to  Kitchen Demure.  Elissa, the Canadian author makes up nutritious dishes from scratch out of accessible ingredients.  The results are anything but demure.
- The founders of Project Wedding have a new site up and running: EnRoute.  It's filled with homey vacation rentals for newlyweds who prefer an experience a less touristy experience.  By no means are this great vacation spots just for newlyweds though, so check it out!
- I'm newly following style blogger Liz at Late Afternoon.  I love her breezy, causal sophistication.  (That's San Fran for you!!!) Found via Design Love Fest, thanks Bri!
- Amy Merrick just launched her own flower haven!  Loving it!!!  I've been a devout follower of Amy through her An Apple A Day.  I think I discovered her through Saipua (she worked there as an associate floral designer) or Design Sponge (she writes their floral ditties).  Florist extraordinaire, for serious!

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