Friday, August 12, 2011

Four for Friday

Time for a fun weekend!  I can't wait to hangout with my sister and do lots of New York-y things.  See y'all back here on Monday.  FfF is up...

- The Nouveau Romantics serves up pretty parties galore.  They offer services such as paper crafting (this includes invitations, greeting cards, save-the-dates, business or calling cards, programs, paper hearts and oodles more), floral arrangements and event design (that means inspiration through execution, complete event design and styling, planning to installation, big picture and all the little details).

- I have a feeling that I'm light years behind everyone else on this, but The Beauty Department is awesome!!!
  They've got the most amazing video tutorials, lots of dishing on the coolest make-up and hair trends, fun little questionaires and pages full of beauty inspiration!  Instant favorite ladies.  I assure you.

- EST Magazine is my new favorite haunt for interior design-y-ness.  I've got to say, it's inspirational to a fault.  (As in, it's making me shop for furniture and accessories that wont fit in my apt!!!)  Peruse at your leisure and subscribe to receive notification every time a new issue posts online!
- I have to preface this entry by saying, the dude-author of this incredible blog is 19 years old!  When he began blogging in 2009 he was still in high school.  Jeez.  Louise.  So, the Sophisticated Gourmet is but a young lad.  Don't be fooled, this place is pro-fesh.  Brimming with gorgeous photos of food you ache to eat.

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