Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy (the-first-of August) Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was full of random, fun activities.  The BF and I were busy little summer birds.  Random summer birds...

- I bought two pairs of new shorts.  They are both in fall fabrics and will look nice with tights.  But that means I can't wear them for another few months.  Hmph.

- We were stranded in Brooklyn on Friday night because the L train stalled.  (Ugh.  MTA, get it together.  You prevented me from journeying to Manhattan for ice cream.  That cannot be forgiven.)  Instead of going into the city, we wandered around a little aimlessly and eventually went home.

- On Saturday I was torn between brunch options.  On a sudden whim I went with quinoa pancakes.  They were actually called Carmen Miranda Pancakes because banana, mango, and berries were piled on top.  I almost never ever have pancakes.  But these were so good!  So good.

- We saw Crazy Stupid Love at noon, when most people in New York are just getting to their first cup of coffee.  Empty theaters are incredible.

- I went to a local market with a special section of (like 50 different!) coffee beans.  I was overwhelmed with the choices and aromas.  So I bought nothing.  And picked up an iced coffee and Dunkin Doughnuts on the way home.  It hit the spot.  Shame...

- We ordered some vegan pizza 5 minutes before the shop closed.  Our only option was (BF's favorite) chick-un and jalapeno.  The jalapeno freaked me out at first.  But it was so good!  I would totally get it again.

- We went to a trade show at the Javits convention center.  A very dear friend of mine was debuting her accessories line.  Her stuff looked beyond incredible.  Her name and company must remain anonymous for some legal reasons.  But... Congrats!  Congrats!

- We got caught in the rain a couple times.  iPhone assured me there would be no rain this weekend.  iPhone was wrong.  It was really warm, hence I was not so grumpy about it.  iPhone was cursed at anyway.

- I drank some Fresca and tried to explain to the BF why I like it... even though I hate grapefruit.

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