Monday, August 22, 2011

Four for Friday

Ugh.  I know.  Where the heck have I been?!!!  I hardly know myself people... that last 5 days have been a whirl.  And it ain't stopping!  Because I'm such a delinquent... FfF is finally here on Monday and +2.

- I knew Closet Visit was gonna be good just from the name.  Within this fab site you get a peek behind closed closet doors (and then some) of the coolest creative gals.  The array of ladies work as apparel and accessories designers, photographers, film makers, stylists, gallery and boutique owners, interior designers bloggers, etc.  Captured by Jeana Sohn, these chicest of chic indie innovators get snapped playing dress-up in their favorite duds.  Love!
- Have a hankering for some boho-indie-hipster coolness?  That quest may take you to Haley Ann Robinson and all her creative endeavors.  I'm particularly into her blog; Moccasin Telegraph.  Her favorite fashion finds, original photography and poster designs are a nice fix for my laid-back-west-coast culture void.
 (She's also from my alma mater!)
- Connie, author of The Paper Dialogues is such a cutie!  She fills her blog with pretty pics (girl's got photo skills!), hip jewelry and apparel, fun craft projects, funky interior design, edgy art and tasty treats.  It's a lifestyle blog after my own heart.  Click back through her archives, you'll find plenty to delight the eyes!

- Spabettie is a great stop for whole food centric recipes.  I have to say, the site lacks design-y-ness but makes up for it in delicious content.  I'm also kinda won over by the well shot foodie pics.  They're unfussy, straight forward, real.  No needless artistry.  Just good lookin' eats.  (Lots of vegan recipes too!!!) 
- Christopher David Ryan will have you design smitten.  His work charms, with images almost child-like in simplicity and copy or composition often doused with wit.  Ryan also has a blog and print shop.  You can also find him on Flickr and Twitter.
- Right now I'm feeling for the recent shots by Mr Newton.  This street photographer who actually studied law and resides in NYC, offers up quite a melting pot of style on his blog.  I'm feelin' it; diggin' stylish gals who aren't all one note.  Most photographers can't make that claim.  Go Newton! 

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