Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Utility" Puzzle Card

I was about to post this entry a little more than an hour ago... then things started to rumble.  And then we had to evacuate.  Nice little baby of an earthquake here on the east coast!  Anyway, back to the business at hand-

Check out this awesome greeting and occasion card from Grain!  It would be perfect for a puzzle fan but would tickle the fancy of anyone fun-loving.  So this is the scoop, "the Utility Card uses a word search puzzle to hide over 100 classic well wishes. Ready for any occasion, simply circle the sentiment you wish to communicate. Blank space for writing provided on the back."  Check out their site for a list of hidden sentiments.

Besides the card's super cuteness, it's also environmentally friendly.  Text is letter pressed on extra thick tree-free paper that uses cotton fiber waste from textile manufacturing.  It comes with a brown, 100% post-consumer recycled content envelope (and a cheat-sheet to help you find phrases). Yay!

Found via Swiss Miss

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