Thursday, August 11, 2011

Instant Love

So, I've always loved instant cameras and their magical photos.  Since Polaroid stop producing instant film their cameras have become covetable; très chic and more popular than ever.  I myself have never owned an instant camera (which makes them all the more mysterious and wonderful).  Lately, I've been drowning in Polaroid coolness- Impossible Project is blowing up (shout out from Jamie Beck), Polaroid retreat are happening (Morocco!!!) and every odd or end is popping up Polaroid-ed (temporary tattoos, art, t-shirts)!

Polaroid instant camera looked like so much flippin' fun that I decided to go for it...  Better than that, I gave one to my BF for his birthday!  (Way better idea than getting it for myself because 1. He takes much better photos than I do and 2. He enjoys taking photos way more than I do)

I'm so excited to see what develops!  (Lame pun intended)  Do you have, or have you had an instant camera?  Tips?  Tricks?  Favorite model?  Favorite film?

All images from Impossible Project's Color Shade film sample image gallery

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