Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Polaroid Wall

How fab is this wall of Polaroids?!!!  Color coded.  Color code everything people, it's magical.  Everything everywhere should always be color coded.  Yeah, I know...  That just took it to a weird, obsessive compulsive place.  Not so cool.

But really, I love this kind of orderly-ness.  It's just like my new favorite Esty: Mascara Jones.  That shop has pages and pages of kick-butt mid century knick knacks.  The listings flow in a seamless rainbow.  Love it!!!

Are there things you sort by color?  When I had giant closets in California, all of my clothing was sorted by color.  And sub-sorted by item.  Hanging in order of placement on the body; top to bottom.  Yes.  Obsessive compulsive.  Much.

Polaroid wall found on You Are My Fave, images from Photo Jojo

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