Friday, June 29, 2012

Four for Friday

Enjoy your weekend!  I'm going to kill this cold with fun.  Don't believe it's possible?  Yeah, well.  Don't be such a pessimist.  It's in the high 90's so maybe the cold will just bake.  Bake its self away... yeah... something like that.  Baking... mmm... now I'm thinking of ClementinesSo going there tomorrow.  Anywhoo, happy Friday!  

- I'm generally more dressed-up than down.  But once summer rolls around I'm ready to make some casual allowances in outfitting.  Brandy Melville has some cute wares.  Want this!
- I'm totally replacing an icky Ikea shade with one of these amazing origami-type shades from Studio Snowsuppe!
- Amanda Jane Jones blog is such a sweet spot.  I particularly adore her My Better Half series.
- What The Hell Does A Vegan Eat Anyway?!  The name cracked me up but I stuck around the site and ultimately added it to my Google Reader because the food looks amazing.

Congrats & Good Luck!

A huge "bonne chance" to my cousin Evan!  He will be swimming in the Olympic preliminaries at 1pm Eastern time.  I'll be watching him compete live here.  We are all so proud of him!

Cute swimmers caught on camera by Seth Casteel of Little Friends

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ugh.  I caught the office cold.  I have a ton of sketching to do and feel completely and totally unmotivated.  Enter: the bad mood.  That's right, my perfect recipe for grumpiness: one part "feeling like crap" and two parts "lots of thing to do, that you really, really, really don't want to do".  (In case you're wondering the pissy mood is the same ratio as the grumpy mood, just multiplied 3 fold.)

I wish my Earl Grey was in this cup instead of this cup.  Which leads me to my next topic: Heath.  My dishes are Heath from back in the day.  I inherited them from my grandma.  (Who, btw,  had really awesome mid century modern taste!)

Edith Heath founded the company in 1948.  Her "great respect for craft and material" and a goal to make "simple, good things for good people" shaped the company into a unique and iconic producer of artisan ceramics.  All Heath products are hand-made by one of their 50 craftspeople in the original Sausalito, California factory. They describe their work as "durable pieces that blur the line between everyday objects and family heirlooms".  Lovely!  And so true!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I just fell in love.  With a blog.  It's name is Reading My Tea Leaves.    But really, truly, this bog is amazing.  Witty.  Insightful.  Helpful too.  Like a virtual best buddy...  And if you pushed me to identify my favorite thing about my new virtual friend, I would jump to say the life in a tiny apartment series.  My first reaction (naturally) is to re-blog all about it.  Then, I'll proceed to Facebook share it and email (spam) it to every New Yorker I know.  Still, even if you're not a city dweller and/or victim of itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny apartment syndrome you'll get a kick out of it.  First, like I mentioned, witty.  And second, everyone has one room or space they wish was bigger.  Pantry?  Garage?  Bathroom?  Yeah, I knew it.  You though of at least one space that needs more space.  So go read.  I tried to search out some fave-of-the-fave posts to link here... but alas, I love them all!

Pssst, Erin's photos are also amazing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Going Somewhere?

It's summer!  Which mostly means one thing: VACATION!  It also means sunburns, smelly subways and an abundance of biting bugs.  But I like to fixate on the vacation part : )

Today I happened upon a really great post over at Wendy's Lookbook.  Wendy gave us a full download and dissection of what makes her luggage cut.  The peek inside was super informative; she's got so many tips!  Wendy even dished on her jet set outfit, explaining that any flight over a 2 hours requires "sweatpants or soft cotton maxi dresses".  Noted!  Since I've got a mega-vay-cay planned in (exactly!) one month, I read this post thoroughly.  Twice.

Image from A Beautiful Mess

Monday, June 25, 2012

Resort 2013/ Chris Benz

I've always been a fan of Chris Benz.  First and foremost, I (always!!!) find his use of color inspiring.  Without fail the collections have a playful spirit and loads of quirky attitude.  Resort '13 is nothing out of the norm.  I'm crushing on the oversize tees with a lone printed-pocket.  The sorbet hues, tropical prints, tailored pencil skirts and shrunken cardis are a great nod to mid century chic; a mounting trend.  And who can resist a sepia palm back drop?  Read a full review and browse the collection at

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Poppies & Posies

Juliet Totten and Sierra Yaun, the New York design duo that makes up Poppies & Posies, are wizards of floral design.  I'm really crazy about their blog though; it's been a key part of today's procrastination initiative.  Obviously, there is a lot of wedding prettiness but I'm also getting a good fill of food and design treasures.  Check out a couple of my favorite posts; one for a lovely flower illustration and the other about edible blooms!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kelli Anderson

Happy Wednesday!  To help you get over the mid week hurdle and into end-of-the-week-bliss, head over to Kelli Anderson's page for some design loveliness.  Anderson is pretty awesome (she presented a TED talk last year)!  Check out all her work here.  (Love this map to a wedding!!!)  Her blog also features goodies!  Like this... I wish I'd had the Parisian "pleasure" guide last year; fabulous pointers for tourists with a romantic soul plus Anderson's gorgeous graphic art!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I want every single thing at Thrive.  My budget absolutely does not include multiple Danish modern sofas (my apartment's square footage would also be uncooperative) but I still love the full collection.  And of course, I couldn't forget the chairs, credenzas, and ottomans of various size.  Want.  All. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


I nearly went MIA this very, very manic Monday!  But, no.  I'm here.  Just barely.

Mmmm, just discover Joy the BakerAnd this.  Now I can use the adorable lieeeettle bunt pan that I got for Christmas.  The one I forgot I had until I unpacked it yesterday.  (Not sure how I "missed" it whilst packing. My brain must have been in some sort of alternate/escapist universe when it went into the box.) 

On another note, I desperately want a madeleine pan.  Not to mention a doughnut pan... yeah been saying I'll get one for years now.  Phffff.  My kitchen literally threw pans in my face yesterday.  The cupboard couldn't take it, bakery pans of all sorts avalanched toward my noggin.  Luckily I'm nimble.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Four For Friday

Happy Friday blog buddies!  I'm so excited for this weekend; I plan on barreling through a lot more apartment fixing-up-ing!  But first... tomorrow the BF and I are heading to a friend's place out on the North Shore.  Beach house BBQs are one of summer's most wonderful gifts!  I've got the bug spray and swim suit packed.  Now I just have to whip up a bowlful of this yummy grub and catch a train out to Long Island.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend too!

- I got such a kick out of Kyle Hilton's paper dolls this week.  I sent links to everyone.    Aren't they awesome?!!!  Dying over the Downton ones.  And Drive, obviously!
- I've been seeing paper straws for sale all over NYC.  They are so cute (and good for mother earth) that I may go buy a pack here.  And then take them with me... everywhere I go... so I don't go killing mother earth with more plastic straws.  (Also seen on Swiss Miss.)
- A House In The Hills is so wonderful!  It's filled with great design, hip fashion and this to-die-for adorable doggie!  Author Sarah rocks my world cuz she's a vegan too!
- My other b-day gifts (from the BF) came from Beci Orpin.  She has such fun products; colors & creatures galore!  I'm wearing my new whimsical necklace today and feeling right as rain.  (Cheese ball alert!  Sorry I couldn't help it!)

Jetting Away (For A Day)

I'm in Ohio today for some work.  Hopefully I'll be back in Brooklyn in time for a late dinner and a drink (or two) to unwind.  It's gonna be a long, long day after all.  I've got a FfF post saved, so check in later this afternoon!

Paper punched planes available at Etsy (Mix them in with conventional confetti for a bon voyage party, cute yes?!)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Bunny

I just had to share one (of my two!) new necklaces.  There is a little bunny held in mid-hop around my neck right now, this very minute!  The BF found him and knew immediately that I would love it.  Great birthday trinket, especially perfect since my nickname is Bunny.  You can find similar ones on Etsy, like the one pictured.  Or shop around here, here, here and here!

Bang! Bang!

I was recently thinking about my fringe... My bangs are good to me.  They're easy.  They frame my face pretty well.  They hide forehead blemishes (which fortunately are rare these days).  But I was caught mulling... was I over 'em?  Am I riding the tail end of a bang trend?  Am I sporting a dated 'do'? 

Then I saw this NY Times article.  And I realized, bangs are so not over.  They are mainstream though.  Which is probably why I'm thinking they're a little tired.  Gonna keep them anyway.  However, once the summer is through (and I don't have to battle east coast humidity) I think I may grow them out a little. I'm sweet on a layered type bang; something like this or this.

Ps. How long before you get tired of your hair style?  A year?  Less?

Illustration by Garance Doré and linked images from The Beauty Department (their fringe article is great too!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birthday Wishes!

Yeah, birthday wishes... to ma-self!  Thank you to my super sweet family, friends and BF for all the kind & thoughtful notes.  I love you all!!!  You make my life so full, so fun.  I'm looking forward to another year of this great adventure. 

Home-made funfetti recipe (and photos) from The Kitchn

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lawn Party

Sorry, the day got away from me.  Jeepers!  Try to forgive me.  And go take a look at the new and improved Lawn Party.

Monday, June 11, 2012

French For "Summary"

Not that I'm planning to jump ship at my current place of business (swear!) but I did happen upon a pretty cool post on DLF.  It gets into the dirty business of resumes.  Ugh.  The dreaded resume...  But they are an inevitable part of life and getting that j-o-b.  As the school terms have just wrapped up, I thought the job seekers out there might be interested.

First, I will say (because I am definitely not a graphic designer) I will absolutely, eventually hire someone to re-do my resume.  (In fact, I'll hire him.  I'm biased.)  Like the title of this post notes, resume means summary.  Summarize yo self!  And make it look good!  Everyone should have a derriere-kickin' res.  It's generally  the first and last thing a employer looks at, when considering you as a candidate.  So even if you're like me (and not getting on it right now) flag this post for later and keep an open eye for local designers that jive with your aesthetic.  They may be able to help you out down the road with the resume revamp.

Typewriter available on Etsy

Friday, June 8, 2012

Four For Friday

Yikes, I can't believe it's almost 4:00 here; the weekend is just around the corner!  I hope you have fun plans.  I'll be making trips to Ikea, Lowes and the Home Depot.  Hopefully by Monday the new apartment will be in better shape. (Apt decor is on my brain, hence the design themed FfF today.)  I'm also looking forward to a concert with the BF tomorrow night and a Sunday's vegan pop-up shop (last time was so much fun)!  To kick off the busy weekend, I'm going to see Onegin tonight.  I adore Julie Kent; it's such a treat to see her dance.  Have a lovely one and see you back on Monday!

-  Chic interiors shot by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer are making me pouty.  Because they are not my space.  Boo.  (Found via Design Love Fest)
- French by Design is passing along a flash sale by sponsor Hege in France.  I've got my eye on this, and a set of these.
- Found this in the Design Sponge archives, leading me to Jessica Helgerson's work.  Hot diggity!  Want this!  I'm a big fan of Helgerston's mix of modern and traditional.

- I've been pinning like crazy from the blog TrĂ¡nsito Inicial.  Can't read much of it without the help of Google Translate but it sure is inspirational!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Did You Know

Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur!  The Snapple Beverage Co told me so.  I just love the zebra dotted, electric yellow scarf.  It looks so great back to all white (hello again white on white!).

Image from The Christelle Factor (photo by Jana Williams & scarf by Happy Scarf)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Etsy Love/ Wind & Willow

The contents of Wind & Willow Home will have you in fits!  Well, I'm in fits anyway.  As I said yesterday, the pale neutral shades paired up with soft powdery hues complimented by hits of bright is what I'm hankering for.  All these pretty bowls, baskets and utensils (plus more) are handmade by Araya Jensen, a former kitchen and bath designer.  Color ways are inspired by, "seasons, stunning sunsets and beautiful blooms".  Perf!!!  Check out the company's blog and main site too! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fresh Towels; A Palette

Happy first week of June!  I lived through the weekend.  And I'm moved in.  Sort of.  The fix-it guy wasn't quite done with the kitchen and bath last weekend, so for another few days I'll be couch crashing elsewhere.  I am getting excited about decorating though.  I've started lists, clipped color swatches, printed and pinned inspiration images.  These tea towels are feeling pretty, fun and fresh.  I'm planning a home palette of pales, brights, and neutrals.

- Pink geo stripes by Ktaadn on Etsy
- Dusty aqua chevrons, citrus chevrons & dove grey dots by Printing Grounds on Etsy
- Multi-color triangles from Leif Shop (no longer available)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Four For Friday

Welp.  I am all moved out.  All my belongings (and my sister's) are in a truck parked at a (hopefully safe) undisclosed location.  My new place is (supposedly and hopefully) being painted, as I type.  There are no supervisors, as you probably deduced.  So apartment painting, like the safety of our moving truck, is mostly faith based.  Tomorrow will be the big move-in event: 2 rather small people (BF and I), roughly 70 square feet of boxes and furniture, 5 floors of stairs plus thunderstorms (according to iPhone).  Dread.  Almost insurmountable dread. 

On that note, happy Friday!  I hope y'all have a less labor-intense weekend than I'm in for.  Back to the post... this FfF is food themed.  Not for any true reason.  I found one blog through another, and on and on.  These blogs are so great that I just had to share.  If the big move wasn't going down this weekend I would definitely be trying some of these recipes out!  Enjoy!

- Dinner: A Love Story is impressive.  Can you imagine keeping a diary of every single dinner, every single night for over 14 years?!!!  Yeah.  Wowzers.  Well Jenny has.  And her blog is beautiful.  And she has a book now. (Found via A Cup of Joe)
- Next I found Inherit the Spoon.  This blog instantly became a fave, mostly because it's super (duper!) veg friendly.  Amaze-pants!
- From there I discovered Honey and Jam. It latched onto my sweet tooth!  Cake, muffins and a galette on the first page alone.  Yum-o.
- Last stop was Elana's Pantry.  Super cool spot to canvas; it's 100% gluten free, very whole food centric, and there tons of vegan recipes!  (If I do 'make' something this weekend it will be a pitcher of this!)