Monday, June 18, 2012


I nearly went MIA this very, very manic Monday!  But, no.  I'm here.  Just barely.

Mmmm, just discover Joy the BakerAnd this.  Now I can use the adorable lieeeettle bunt pan that I got for Christmas.  The one I forgot I had until I unpacked it yesterday.  (Not sure how I "missed" it whilst packing. My brain must have been in some sort of alternate/escapist universe when it went into the box.) 

On another note, I desperately want a madeleine pan.  Not to mention a doughnut pan... yeah been saying I'll get one for years now.  Phffff.  My kitchen literally threw pans in my face yesterday.  The cupboard couldn't take it, bakery pans of all sorts avalanched toward my noggin.  Luckily I'm nimble.

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