Friday, June 15, 2012

Four For Friday

Happy Friday blog buddies!  I'm so excited for this weekend; I plan on barreling through a lot more apartment fixing-up-ing!  But first... tomorrow the BF and I are heading to a friend's place out on the North Shore.  Beach house BBQs are one of summer's most wonderful gifts!  I've got the bug spray and swim suit packed.  Now I just have to whip up a bowlful of this yummy grub and catch a train out to Long Island.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend too!

- I got such a kick out of Kyle Hilton's paper dolls this week.  I sent links to everyone.    Aren't they awesome?!!!  Dying over the Downton ones.  And Drive, obviously!
- I've been seeing paper straws for sale all over NYC.  They are so cute (and good for mother earth) that I may go buy a pack here.  And then take them with me... everywhere I go... so I don't go killing mother earth with more plastic straws.  (Also seen on Swiss Miss.)
- A House In The Hills is so wonderful!  It's filled with great design, hip fashion and this to-die-for adorable doggie!  Author Sarah rocks my world cuz she's a vegan too!
- My other b-day gifts (from the BF) came from Beci Orpin.  She has such fun products; colors & creatures galore!  I'm wearing my new whimsical necklace today and feeling right as rain.  (Cheese ball alert!  Sorry I couldn't help it!)

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