Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ugh.  I caught the office cold.  I have a ton of sketching to do and feel completely and totally unmotivated.  Enter: the bad mood.  That's right, my perfect recipe for grumpiness: one part "feeling like crap" and two parts "lots of thing to do, that you really, really, really don't want to do".  (In case you're wondering the pissy mood is the same ratio as the grumpy mood, just multiplied 3 fold.)

I wish my Earl Grey was in this cup instead of this cup.  Which leads me to my next topic: Heath.  My dishes are Heath from back in the day.  I inherited them from my grandma.  (Who, btw,  had really awesome mid century modern taste!)

Edith Heath founded the company in 1948.  Her "great respect for craft and material" and a goal to make "simple, good things for good people" shaped the company into a unique and iconic producer of artisan ceramics.  All Heath products are hand-made by one of their 50 craftspeople in the original Sausalito, California factory. They describe their work as "durable pieces that blur the line between everyday objects and family heirlooms".  Lovely!  And so true!

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