Friday, June 1, 2012

Four For Friday

Welp.  I am all moved out.  All my belongings (and my sister's) are in a truck parked at a (hopefully safe) undisclosed location.  My new place is (supposedly and hopefully) being painted, as I type.  There are no supervisors, as you probably deduced.  So apartment painting, like the safety of our moving truck, is mostly faith based.  Tomorrow will be the big move-in event: 2 rather small people (BF and I), roughly 70 square feet of boxes and furniture, 5 floors of stairs plus thunderstorms (according to iPhone).  Dread.  Almost insurmountable dread. 

On that note, happy Friday!  I hope y'all have a less labor-intense weekend than I'm in for.  Back to the post... this FfF is food themed.  Not for any true reason.  I found one blog through another, and on and on.  These blogs are so great that I just had to share.  If the big move wasn't going down this weekend I would definitely be trying some of these recipes out!  Enjoy!

- Dinner: A Love Story is impressive.  Can you imagine keeping a diary of every single dinner, every single night for over 14 years?!!!  Yeah.  Wowzers.  Well Jenny has.  And her blog is beautiful.  And she has a book now. (Found via A Cup of Joe)
- Next I found Inherit the Spoon.  This blog instantly became a fave, mostly because it's super (duper!) veg friendly.  Amaze-pants!
- From there I discovered Honey and Jam. It latched onto my sweet tooth!  Cake, muffins and a galette on the first page alone.  Yum-o.
- Last stop was Elana's Pantry.  Super cool spot to canvas; it's 100% gluten free, very whole food centric, and there tons of vegan recipes!  (If I do 'make' something this weekend it will be a pitcher of this!)

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