Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jetting Off (For A Day)

I'm headed to Ohio and back.  Tons (TONS) of work crammed into an 8 hour work day, preceded and followed by a flight... not the easiest way to do a Tuesday.  Never the less, it must be done.  And, it will make me all the more grateful for holiday vacation time! 

I wish I could say that there was a post coming up later today, but nope.  I'm taking a bit of a hiatus.  See you all tomorrow!

Laser cut air plane charm found on Etsy (wouldn't it make a cute Christmas tree ornament?!) 

Monday, December 19, 2011


My best friend and her boyfriend got engaged last Saturday night!  Congrats Steph & Jeff; the future Mr. n' Mrs. Snow!!!  Wishing you a long life filled with love, adventure and lots of giggling.  See you both very, very soon!

Image via Saipua

Friday, December 16, 2011

Four for Friday

Happy end of the week!  It's the last weekend before Christmas, time to wrap up the shopping!  I have a few fun things planned; some sister/sister time, a double date on Saturday night, possibly some pre-holiday baking, and a whole lot of apartment clean and laundry doing (yuck).  It's gotta get done before I take off for Cali next week!

- So I think I'm way behind on this one (like WAY behind) but... Ikea Hakers is rad.  If you own Ikea junk and want to make it way (WAY) awesome-er, go scout this site!
- Have Cake, Will Travel is probably the most beautiful vegan cooking blog I've ever come across.  The recipes sound good too!
- Hey, look at Hey Look!  Lots of fun ideas for styling your place and space up!
- And (because it's been a loooong week) I'm  really diggin' the winter-white, seasonal sparkle going on in this cup of cheer!

Happy Birthday Wishes!

Birthday wishes have come full circle!  My little sister Steena was the first to get a w&w B-day shout-out.  And her birthday is now upon us once more.  Tomorrow she turns 22!  Crazy!!!  That sounds way too old for a baby sister.  I can still see her at four, chasing my siblings and I around the house, little fingers outstretched and jaws gnashin!  (she was a biter)  Anywhooo, happy birthday TT!

Images via 100 Layer Cake

Eeep! Sorry!!!

I've been a very bad blogger this week.  Sorry guys!  Work was bizzzz-erkkkk this week.  Like out of this world nutz-o!  But, I'm going to try harder.  Look into these sad puppy eyes and say you'll forgive my absence?!

Puppy eyes via XO Photography on Flickr

Monday, December 12, 2011

Make a wreath this year!  Need some help?  Take a class!  East coast-ers, head to Brooklyn and sign up for a one on one tutorial with the Little Flower School gals, hosted at Saipua (and it's only $45!!!).  If you're a west-sider, meet up with Amy Merrick in Portland!  And if you fall somewhere north, south or in the middle of these two classes (or if you're just lazy) check out Design Sponge for an online tutorial.

P.S. Need wreath-y inspiration?  Check out these wreath posts from last year: peppers, citrus, herbs, blossoms and veggies!

Images, clockwise from upper left:
Amy Merrick, Design Sponge (wreath by Amy Merrick) and

Friday, December 9, 2011

Four for Friday

The chilly weather is finally setting in; we're down to the high 30s/ low 40s phase that just precedes the coming of winter. It has me feeling giddy for color and all things Christmas!  This Friday's four are festive themed and rainbow hued, enjoy!

- 100 Layer Cake has the full skinny on neon-flecked holiday decor!  While is may sound a bit nontraditional, it's absolute loveliness.  Promise!  Go check it out!!!
- Glitter like a ornament on the tree with sparkly nails!  A Cozy Kitchen has the how-to.  I especially love the teal-y ones with silver.  The effect reminds me of a snow storm!!!
- Love it or hate it?  Yeah, we're talking fruit cake.  Always With Butter has a new version dubbed "Earl's Favorite Cake" in honor of her great grandpa.  I've honestly, never ever tried fruit cake.  But I love spice cakes and have a shameful affinity for candied fruit.  So I'm thinking, I'd probably dig it!
- Ever seen this hil-ar-eeeeeee-ous holiday fete drinking guide?  Go over to Grub Street  for a bigger image.  So funny.  Where do you fall?  Found on A Cup Of Joe.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

12 Days of Cookies

Lottie = Doof is counting down the 12 Days of Cookies!  The bake-blog is already on Day 4: Rugelach.  Yumzers.  Already shared were Evergreen Shortbread, Fig and Date Swirls and Maple Pecan Cookies!  Christmas cookies are so totally one of my favorite things.  Not just the eating of them.  The making, the baking, the plating and sharing!  If I did a remix of Julie Andrews' My Favorite Things, Christmas cookies would come after doggies, bunnies, flowers, and coffee.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trinkets/ Mociun

Mociun is my new favorite girly-trinket-shop!  There are some incredibly creative (and super pretty!) pieces on these cyber shelves.  Their ceramics remind me of the gorgeous handmade vessels that decorated my grandparents' house.  (This one is my fave!)  The jewelry is what I'm really crazy about though.  Check out all their goodies!  Mociun also has some women's apparel and accessories, plus a few men's neckties.

Found via Unruly Things

Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday

Whim & Whimsy is 1 year old!  Actually it was a year old last Friday, but I've been so swamped at work that it went by unnoticed.  (Eeek, sorry w&w!)  On one hand, it's flown by quite quickly and on the other, it seems like w&w has always been around.

In honor of the blog's B-day, I'm going to share a new discovery: Lael Cakes.  Boy, have I been missing out on pretty frosting covered concoctions!  Whilst the decorations on Lael Cakes are enough to make me fall in love, they also happen to be vegan and gluten free.  Score!  (And of course, they're made to order; with a wealth of flavor combinations to choose from!)  Check out more on the Lael blog.

Lael Cakes found via Brooklyn Bride

Friday, December 2, 2011

Four for Friday

Happy first weekend of December!  I've got a full weekend planned.  The BF and I are going to get a little Christmas tree.  Yippie!  I'm going to meet up for brunch with a buddy visiting from Germany and some college friends.  On Saturday night it's celebration time, a 31st birthday backyard-BBQ is going down in Bushwick!  I've got tons of gift shopping to do, recipes waiting for experimentation, illustration projects to work on and a hefty load of apartment cleaning to kick-off.  I'm determined to do it all.  The cold weather does that for me.  I get really efficient.  Aaaaawe-some!!!

Have a fab weekend & see you Monday : )

- Punchfork is my newest online, real-time recipe box.  They've got a vegetarian search category at the tippy top of the page!
- Newest wall paper obsession?  Everything from Turner Pocock.
- Wear & carry, space & place, paper & prints... Supermarket has all the artsy duds you could wish for.

- The 15 DIY Holiday Crafts are so sweet.  I wish I had time to make them all!  Hopefully I'll get to a few of them before December wraps.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Minty Fresh

A ultra-icy-cool Hanneli Mustaparta models Dolce & Gabbana's newest fine jewelry for Vogue. Styling herself, she chose, "to experiment with this jewelry without making it look boho chic. That’s why I wore my hair straight and chose a shirt with very strong lines. I buttoned it up so it doesn’t look sexy. It’s just kind of nerdy and then you have these amazing, beautiful earrings".

Of her other look she quipped, “The necklace with all its charms had this Italian feeling so I wanted to try lace. It’s a very pretty combination, and if it’s just a lace top it can be for day or if it’s a dress it could work for evening. I also tried it with a knit sweater and it worked in a completely different way; it was more casual.”

Wouldn't you love one of these looks for a holiday party?  Devastatingly refined whilst young and modern!


Whoa!  Can you believe it's December already?!!!  Break out the sweaters, gloves and long underwear.  Bring back the extra blankets too!

Cozy throws from Donna Karan Home