Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wreaths (Part Four)

Oooh la la! A wreath of icy blush or violet blooms? I've been seduced. I'm spellbound, starstruck, speechless. Well, okay, maybe not speechless.

These would be perfect for the person who is looking to avoid a suffocatingly intense, red and green, December decor take-over. Not quite festive enough you say? Singing of spring/summer you argue? Add a velvet bow. Call it a day. And since you're free, go make a cup of hot chocolate.

Top photo: found on the Adina Katz's photo blog.
Left to right:
- Magnolia blossom wreath found on the Driftwood Interiors blog.
- Pussy Willow wreath available for purchase here.
- Cherry Blossom wreath found on flicker

1 comment:

  1. ya baby! all of your wreath photos are giving me a hankering! maybe we should make some in a couple days ;))