Friday, September 30, 2011

Four For Friday

Hey guys, I'm back!  Sooooo sorry!!!  I completely deserve to go to blogger dentenion as an amends for my truancies over the past two days.  Work exploded (figuratively, of course) and I got sick.  Still busy and sick unfortunately but I'll be making more of an effort to blog!  Promise!

With that said, I'm really looking forward to this weekend!  I'll still have to do some work... And I'll still be sick... But I have some sedate/fun outings planned that are keeping up my spirits: brunch with college pals, house warming party, and dinner with the little sis are the highlights, so far.

I hope you all have a lovely early-Autumn weekend.  I'll see you back here Monday!

- FrouFrouu is a slap in the face. A moody and sartorially saturated slap in the face!  Love!!!
- A Beautiful Mess.  This blog's name explains it's content to a T.  'Nuff said!
- This sketch series of Thao and Mia's life as musicians (over at The Rumpus) is so awesome.  Gor-geeee-ous little watercolors!
- XGFX has a great fall recipe tear down.  The mini pecan pies sound gooooood and I like the look of this brussels sprout slaw!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

S'more Cake

As an ode to our camping trip, the first s'more I've eaten in at least 6 years and the first s'more the BF has ever made over a camp fire, I share with you S'more Cake.  S'more Cake comes from one of my favorite baking blogs, Desserts for Breakfast.  Now this cake isn't a very literal concoction of s'more ingredients, but it definitely  looks the part.  Stephanie also shares a great recipe for home-baked graham crackers! 

On a sim note I'd like to share two little things about vegan s'mores. 
1) Use Sweet and Sara marshmallows.  They are incredible.  I mean out-of-this-world-delish.  They remind me of creamy, not-too-sweet home-made mallows.  (And, they also have a toasted coconut covered kind!)
2) Unless you really do prefer dark chocolate (and I don't) buy the "Creamy Sweet" bar from Sweet Chocolate Dream.  It's dairy free "milk" chocolate.  So good.  It would completely fool dairy milk chocolate lovers.

Jetting Off (For A Day)

Hey guys.  I'm outta town.  Had to make an early morning flight, and flutter a few states away.  I'll be back in NYC t'night.  But I've got another post lined up for you later today.  Check back, chilluns!

P.S. Camping was crazy and fun, there were way more mosquitoes than we could handle and campfire building was much more difficult than I remember, I did some gnarly damage to my index finger (non permanent) and our site was practically a stream bed...  But all in all it was a success.  Lots of silly, wonderful memories, plus a bunch of cute photos to look back at.  I'm already planning the next trip!

NYC print by Irene Suchocki, available on Etsy

Friday, September 23, 2011

Festive Fall Four for Friday

Because it's Fall.  Because it's Friday.  And because I luuuve alliteration!

- Do you know Daily Diary?  Ugh.  Too stinkin' cute!  Illustrator Liza Oldham has a knack for painting up the sweetest outfits.  I'm feeling super inspired about my own potential Fall looks : )
- Smitten and Hazel is quite a crafty corner.  Authors Ashley and Weronica are two adorable young gals with skilled fingers!  Their DIY activities look like so much fun.  They've also got a rockin' shop full of gorgeous hand fashioned trinkets.  (There's new Fall merchandise, go git it!!!)
- Kathleen is back, blogging at Twig and Thistle!  Hurray, she's awesome!!!  I love all her posts... my heart jumped into my throat at the sight of these delicate foliage painted and gold gilded coctail glasses!  Want. 
- Pennyweight has got to be one of the prettiest lifestyle blogs evah.  Fab author Elise is away on a fab Autumn holiday right now. She having her bogger buddies guest post while outta town.  Check out yesterday's Perfect Fall Outfit post from Jules.

Autumn & Rain & a Tent

Today I'm ringing in Fall by zipping upstate for an ourdoorsy weekend gettaway.  Camping time!!!  I haven't been camping in years and years.  I've been so flippin' excited since I booked everything.  Like little kid excited- I seriously had trouble falling asleep at night!

I think my last excursion was during college, back in 'always sunny' California.  So yeah, of course the Northeast is getting slammed by a flood-watch style storm this weekend.  Lovely timing.  Oh well, what the hell.  Make the best of it, right? 

This is the BF's first camping jaunt.  It's gonna be a bumpy one.  Hopefully we don't get too wet.  And hopefully we have fun.  And hopefully we'll get to go again soon (and the weather won't go to crap).  Pretty please cross your fingers for me?!!!

Image by Christine Lindstrom, purchase the print on Esty

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bunch 'O...

In a certain hip neighborhood of Brooklyn, around the corner from one of the busiest BK subway stops is a little Italian restaurant all covered in grape vines.  I've noticed it in years past.  It's picturesque.  (Meaning the vines are picturesque, the restaurant is nondescript.  Honestly, I couldn't even tell you what the building looks like.)  Anyway.  A few weeks ago I noticed the little green grapes were coloring into a rich blue, dusted with a softly powdery bloom.  I grabbed a cluster of the marble sized sweeties and popped them in my mouth one at a time.  The first Concord grape encounter of my life, via urban foraging.  Gotta love random city produce!

Read more about Concords and how to prepare them on Nourish!  Marissa fondly calls them "candy bombs".  I totes agree!  Deee-lish!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Burberry Bliss

Mmmm, berry shades galore over at Burberry!  Despite this being their Spring/Summer 2012 show, it has me super amped up for Fall dressing.  What a dreamy color palette; deep shades of currant and raspberry, boysenberry purples, midnight blueberry, and natural greens- the exact color of a thicket!  My favorite part though is the kiss of acid green and maize, which reminds me of little gooseberries. 

Pssst, I love the lack of black in fashion right now!!!  Would you wear intense color on color, like some of these gals?  I've been trying it lately.  It is definitely getting me out of comfort zone outfits!

All photos from

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Autumn Shades, Swoon!

I was going to share a post with way more wordy content.  Then I was distracted by Sarah of Saipua's latest posts and the recent loveliness on her Flickr page.  So, I've opted out of my prose-filled blog entry in lieu of a ton o' gorgeous flower arrangements.  Ugh, I'm absolutely reveling in early fall's glory!  The colors of autumn cannot be beat!  (I mean check out my lunch... amazing colors!  Amazing!) 

All photos by Sara Ryhanen

Monday, September 19, 2011

Virginia Johnson

Now that the weather has chilled out, I'm hankering for one of these lovely printed scarves by Virginia Johnson.  Her pattern work is pure fun; bears, snow shoe prints, painterly stripes, and much (much) more!  Each scarf is woven into a delicate gauze from the softest Merino wool.  They look so cozy!  Johnson also has a full line of other quirky printed wares.  Check out the bedding, throw pillows, bags and all sorts of apparel.

Found via Oh Joy!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Four for Friday

It's autumn here in New York; it happened suddenly (violently for all those scantly clad in summer wear yesterday)!  Temps in the 50's to 70's are soooo lovely.  I sort of forgot how cool crispness felt after months of heat and hazy humidity!  Fall in NYC is amazing- the best season!!!  (Don't even try to convince me otherwise.  I will absolutely not hear a word of you rebuttal.) 

Anyway, I'm super excited for this weekend... building IKEA furniture with my little sis at her new apartment, more skateboarding lessons with the BF, some serious shopping and prep for nest weekend (I'm going camping!!!) and hopefully some laziness (book & hot beverage included)!

But before I get to all that, here is FfF.  It's fashion loaded, in honor of the (now over!!!) NY fashion week.  Enjoy, kittens!

- Molto Fashion!  What did you expect?!!!  Molto has lots of good apparel, duh.  Author Claudia is cute to boot!  (She's rocking turbans too!  I told you, turbans are major!)
- Diggin' these street fashion photos by Guerre of Guerreisms.  He's also been playing the part of Marie Claire's man behind the camera and street style hunter during fashion week here in NY.
- Christine of Fash-n-Chips is my new blogger crush!  She hails from the Netherlands and has loads of modern style.  I'm seriously printing almost every photo of her for outfitting inspiration.
- And for a healthy does of the news (fashion news, that is) head over to Dazed and Confused online mag.  Look at the Spring/Summer shows while listening to the Dazed September playlist!

3 Favorite Things/ Outrageously Cute

1. Goats
2. Trees
3. Morocco

Can you believe this is real?!!!  Check out more photos here.  If you don't believe that Moroccan goats climb trees check out some YouTube videos.  (I didn't quite believe it either 'till I saw some film clips!)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"D" is for...

"Alternative visual solutions for brands and bands".  That tag line just sounds cool, right?  It's their sassy was of hooking you.  Alternative visual solutions? Brands and bands?  Okay!!!  But, it's the identitiy firm's quirky little characters that will win you over.  They are too cute to resist.  Way too cute, D-Bend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tie it Up!

Seriously, I found the most helpful tutorial for twisting up a head scarf into an oh-so-chic (non-terrifying/wearable) turban.  Head over to The Glamourai for the how-to.  (100 Layer Cake has one too!  Turbans are gonna be big for fall/winter, I can feel it!!!)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Twenty Seven Names

I'm nutty about Twenty Seven Names.  Their tops and dresses are sassy and/or sweet.  The collection is the quirkiest mix of edgy cool and quaintly precious pieces.  Prints and colors are geeee-orgeous; the pastel hearts and color blocked Lamé are playfully and chic!  (Also, check out these portraits of the models!)

Found via Design Love Fest

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Outside Töcksfors

This post is a visually restful reprieve from my already busy Monday.  A lake-front wedding in Sweden... what could sound more serene?  The photos, I assure you, are more magically sedate than anything you could ever imagine.  Photographer Jonas Peterson, melds otherworldly artistry with the romantic, private moments captured.  This is not you're average wedding album people, this is exhibition work!  Fine art.

Discovered via A Cup of Joe

Friday, September 9, 2011

Four for Friday

Did y'all celebrate FNO yesterday?  I did not.  Not at all.  Not even a little.  I felt decidedly un-fashion-festive yesterday.  It's been a rough week at work and I am heavens-to-Betsie thrilled that it's Friday!!!  Cannot wait to chill out and not fixate on summer assortments, fall research, fabric, trim, and the dreaded (completely mind-numbing) Web PDM software.  Sigh.

Wait, no sighing!!!  I'm happy, it's weekend time!

- In reverence to FNO and fashion week I want to share The Locals.  Have I already told you about them?  I may have... I'm feeling old and especially forgetful this week.  Humor me and pretend this is the first you're hearing about The Locals.  Good lookin' Danes.  (Why is it the Danish are sooooo cool?!!!)  
- Food Gawker is so awesome.  I love these types of websites (Tastespotting is another one I frequent).  Maybe I'll find something to bake up this weekend.  This cinnamon sugar muffin looks aaaa-mazing and these cookie dough topped brownies are calling my name!
- I'm smitten with How Does She?  It's the loaded spot with a full skinny on just about everything.
  Makeup?  Heck yeah.  Fashion styling?  But of course.  Cooking?  You're covered.  DIY Crafts?  Duh.  

 - A new issue of NEET is out.  It's loaded with good stuff so head over! (And they're featuring some of my favorite foodie bloggers!)

'Nana Armor

I saw this nifty gadget over on A Cup of Joe yesterday.  How genious?!!!  I have to admit I'm kinda a banana hater.  I eat them (almost) daily because they are good for me.  But really I would rather not.  I tend to gag on them if they're too unripe, too ripe, or too bruised and mushy.  (Yes, too ripe/bruised/mushy is exactly why Coco-nan-oat Bites happened.)  But this plastic 'nana container keeps your fruit pristine and your purse or bag from getting a sugary potassium-mash treatment.  Now if only it was also some sort of ripeness perfection incubator...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trinkets/ Wearing Pencils

When I first saw these little adornments I though, "those little shapes are so cute, but what they heck are they?!!!"  It took me just a second more to figure out (by practicing super specialized observational skills ie: reading) that they were in fact, little cylindrical cuts of colored pencil!  Too clever.  So cute.

You can purchase all sorts of pencil-bit jewelry by Huiyi Tan at her Etsy shop.  Tan hand-fashions other types of jewelry too, including other novelties (zippers!!) and lots of sterling

Found via Blue Moss

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Etsy Love/ Nesta Home

Loving all these NY prints from Nesta Home!  There are other "Dark Cities" too; Chicago, Los Angeles and San Fran are featured in collections of their own.  Cover a wall with them and show off your hip city pride!  I'm tempted : )

Found via Blue Moss

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coco-nana-oat Bites

My sis and I were hanging out on Thursday night.  We were feeling like homebodies but needed a little activity to keep us from an early bedtime.  Sis did online apartment decor shopping.  I threw together a modified banana bread recipe.

Coco-nana-oat Bites*
makes 12 individual bread bites

3 medium/large bananas
1/4 cup coconut oil (or any other type of oil)
1/2 tbsp vanilla
1/4 cup flaked coconut (or more if desired!)
3/4 cup sugar (or 1/2 cup agave)
1/4 cup rolled oats
2 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt

- Mash the bananas.  I don't like chunks so I pureed it in the food processor, just make sure you don't turn it into runny juice!!!
- Combine banana, coconut oil, vanilla, flaked coconut and sugar in a large mixing bowl
- In a smaller bowl mix the rolled oats, flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and salt
- Add dry ingredients to the large mixing bowl, stir to thoroughly incorporate (but don't over-stir!)
- Evenly fill muffin, cupcake or bread pan (you can line with paper cups and oil, or just oil the pan)
- Bake at 325 degrees for 20-30 minutes (I think mine were in there for 25?)
- Now they're done!  Eat them!  Give them to neighbors!  Give them to friends!  Stick them in an airtight container and save for later!

* The reason I'm not calling them a muffin is that they didn't bake up anything like a muffin.  They are dense (and wonderfully moist) banana bread, peeps!  They don't rise.  No airy crumbs.  No muffin top.  But, they are perfect for cutting open and covering with a spread of some sort (cream cheese or berry jam!).  That said, you may just want to pour the recipe into a little bread pan.  I definitely will next time!

Image from Flickr

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Whadda Week! Whadda Month!

This has been... a week.  A week of weeks.  Highs... lows.

There was Irene, for better and for worse.  I was stuck inside my apartment (with sis and sis's BF) all last weekend.  There was no mass transit.  There were no businesses open.  There was a lot of rain and wind.  There were lots of delicious cups of espresso drunk up, board games and card games played, sketching and reading and napping, movie marathons, a really delicious pasta dinner with red wine, and baking (by group effort) a superb apple-cinnamon-coffee cake.  There was also a midnight ceiling leak that cause quite a lot of damage.  (Yes, that was the "for worse" part.)

Then there was Tuesdays fainting in the subway.  Mostly for worse, yet with a silver lining.  I'm now a little heath-terrified.  And I have a whole new respect for that recording "please step away from the platform edge".  Plus, I did get to enjoy most of Tuesday, home from work, hanging with my sis.  Indulging in relaxation in between calls to my doctor, my health care provider and my mom.

Last evening was a fun late night (week night!)... good-bye drinks with my sissie's BF (he went back to CA for a while).  We did some tame bar hopping; I tried a new variety of hard cider, and took a bourbon and pickle-brine shot, we halfheartedly played Trivial Pursuit, we caught up with friends in the back yard at Union Pool.

I'm also thinking back on this month; a crazy 31 days.  They were filled with work travel, birthdays, a 2 year anniversary, people sharing my little one bedroom apt, movies in the park, hangin' with friends, a ton of local adventuring, seriously serious stormage and a load of lovely non-typical August weather.  It was a live-hard/ play-hard last of summer hurrah!

That said, today is my last (summah) working day in the office.  I'm taking tomorrow off, four day weekend!!!  I'll be staying in town, no va-cay.  Just lots of fun, New York-y things with the lil sis and my sweetheart.  Hope you all have a kick butt Labor Day (and sayonara summer) weekend!

Image on Deviant Art


My new favorite shopping spot for rockin' retro-vibe finds is Leif.  Their stock is ultra hip and quirky; the perfect mix of darling sweetness and mod chicness.  The trinkets are so cool in fact, that they fly off the shelves.  (They be positively zippin' outta that cyber store and into other peep's places!!!)  Stuff sold out in front of my eyes, people!  If you see something that tickles your fancy you better snatch in up quick.

Leif-y duds, clockwise from top left:
- Watermelon Chip Necklace
- Vintage Neon Necklace
- Oversize Geometric Sun Trivet
- Distant Lands Bangles
- Lucite Tart Server and Cake Knife
- Glazed Trinket Pots

Leif found via Design Love Fest