Friday, September 16, 2011

Four for Friday

It's autumn here in New York; it happened suddenly (violently for all those scantly clad in summer wear yesterday)!  Temps in the 50's to 70's are soooo lovely.  I sort of forgot how cool crispness felt after months of heat and hazy humidity!  Fall in NYC is amazing- the best season!!!  (Don't even try to convince me otherwise.  I will absolutely not hear a word of you rebuttal.) 

Anyway, I'm super excited for this weekend... building IKEA furniture with my little sis at her new apartment, more skateboarding lessons with the BF, some serious shopping and prep for nest weekend (I'm going camping!!!) and hopefully some laziness (book & hot beverage included)!

But before I get to all that, here is FfF.  It's fashion loaded, in honor of the (now over!!!) NY fashion week.  Enjoy, kittens!

- Molto Fashion!  What did you expect?!!!  Molto has lots of good apparel, duh.  Author Claudia is cute to boot!  (She's rocking turbans too!  I told you, turbans are major!)
- Diggin' these street fashion photos by Guerre of Guerreisms.  He's also been playing the part of Marie Claire's man behind the camera and street style hunter during fashion week here in NY.
- Christine of Fash-n-Chips is my new blogger crush!  She hails from the Netherlands and has loads of modern style.  I'm seriously printing almost every photo of her for outfitting inspiration.
- And for a healthy does of the news (fashion news, that is) head over to Dazed and Confused online mag.  Look at the Spring/Summer shows while listening to the Dazed September playlist!

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