Friday, September 23, 2011

Festive Fall Four for Friday

Because it's Fall.  Because it's Friday.  And because I luuuve alliteration!

- Do you know Daily Diary?  Ugh.  Too stinkin' cute!  Illustrator Liza Oldham has a knack for painting up the sweetest outfits.  I'm feeling super inspired about my own potential Fall looks : )
- Smitten and Hazel is quite a crafty corner.  Authors Ashley and Weronica are two adorable young gals with skilled fingers!  Their DIY activities look like so much fun.  They've also got a rockin' shop full of gorgeous hand fashioned trinkets.  (There's new Fall merchandise, go git it!!!)
- Kathleen is back, blogging at Twig and Thistle!  Hurray, she's awesome!!!  I love all her posts... my heart jumped into my throat at the sight of these delicate foliage painted and gold gilded coctail glasses!  Want. 
- Pennyweight has got to be one of the prettiest lifestyle blogs evah.  Fab author Elise is away on a fab Autumn holiday right now. She having her bogger buddies guest post while outta town.  Check out yesterday's Perfect Fall Outfit post from Jules.

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