Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn & Rain & a Tent

Today I'm ringing in Fall by zipping upstate for an ourdoorsy weekend gettaway.  Camping time!!!  I haven't been camping in years and years.  I've been so flippin' excited since I booked everything.  Like little kid excited- I seriously had trouble falling asleep at night!

I think my last excursion was during college, back in 'always sunny' California.  So yeah, of course the Northeast is getting slammed by a flood-watch style storm this weekend.  Lovely timing.  Oh well, what the hell.  Make the best of it, right? 

This is the BF's first camping jaunt.  It's gonna be a bumpy one.  Hopefully we don't get too wet.  And hopefully we have fun.  And hopefully we'll get to go again soon (and the weather won't go to crap).  Pretty please cross your fingers for me?!!!

Image by Christine Lindstrom, purchase the print on Esty

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