Friday, September 9, 2011

Four for Friday

Did y'all celebrate FNO yesterday?  I did not.  Not at all.  Not even a little.  I felt decidedly un-fashion-festive yesterday.  It's been a rough week at work and I am heavens-to-Betsie thrilled that it's Friday!!!  Cannot wait to chill out and not fixate on summer assortments, fall research, fabric, trim, and the dreaded (completely mind-numbing) Web PDM software.  Sigh.

Wait, no sighing!!!  I'm happy, it's weekend time!

- In reverence to FNO and fashion week I want to share The Locals.  Have I already told you about them?  I may have... I'm feeling old and especially forgetful this week.  Humor me and pretend this is the first you're hearing about The Locals.  Good lookin' Danes.  (Why is it the Danish are sooooo cool?!!!)  
- Food Gawker is so awesome.  I love these types of websites (Tastespotting is another one I frequent).  Maybe I'll find something to bake up this weekend.  This cinnamon sugar muffin looks aaaa-mazing and these cookie dough topped brownies are calling my name!
- I'm smitten with How Does She?  It's the loaded spot with a full skinny on just about everything.
  Makeup?  Heck yeah.  Fashion styling?  But of course.  Cooking?  You're covered.  DIY Crafts?  Duh.  

 - A new issue of NEET is out.  It's loaded with good stuff so head over! (And they're featuring some of my favorite foodie bloggers!)

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