Thursday, September 1, 2011

Whadda Week! Whadda Month!

This has been... a week.  A week of weeks.  Highs... lows.

There was Irene, for better and for worse.  I was stuck inside my apartment (with sis and sis's BF) all last weekend.  There was no mass transit.  There were no businesses open.  There was a lot of rain and wind.  There were lots of delicious cups of espresso drunk up, board games and card games played, sketching and reading and napping, movie marathons, a really delicious pasta dinner with red wine, and baking (by group effort) a superb apple-cinnamon-coffee cake.  There was also a midnight ceiling leak that cause quite a lot of damage.  (Yes, that was the "for worse" part.)

Then there was Tuesdays fainting in the subway.  Mostly for worse, yet with a silver lining.  I'm now a little heath-terrified.  And I have a whole new respect for that recording "please step away from the platform edge".  Plus, I did get to enjoy most of Tuesday, home from work, hanging with my sis.  Indulging in relaxation in between calls to my doctor, my health care provider and my mom.

Last evening was a fun late night (week night!)... good-bye drinks with my sissie's BF (he went back to CA for a while).  We did some tame bar hopping; I tried a new variety of hard cider, and took a bourbon and pickle-brine shot, we halfheartedly played Trivial Pursuit, we caught up with friends in the back yard at Union Pool.

I'm also thinking back on this month; a crazy 31 days.  They were filled with work travel, birthdays, a 2 year anniversary, people sharing my little one bedroom apt, movies in the park, hangin' with friends, a ton of local adventuring, seriously serious stormage and a load of lovely non-typical August weather.  It was a live-hard/ play-hard last of summer hurrah!

That said, today is my last (summah) working day in the office.  I'm taking tomorrow off, four day weekend!!!  I'll be staying in town, no va-cay.  Just lots of fun, New York-y things with the lil sis and my sweetheart.  Hope you all have a kick butt Labor Day (and sayonara summer) weekend!

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  1. OH NO! you feeling better??? I was thinking about our old apartment during the hurricane! I cant even imagine all the water that place got!

  2. I'm feeling good! My apt isn't looking so good though : ( We are supposed to get another storm this weekend, so hopefully the apt doesn't take on much more water. The Broadway apt must be a hot mess right now!!!