Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Picnic

Did y'all have a scrumptious weekend?  I had so much fun, and didn't do anything I was supposed to!  Isn't that always the story?!

My sister's open studio event was so much fun!  She sold a few paintings (yay!) and made some friends/fans.  The BF and I cooked brunch together Saturday and Sunday.  Crazy!  To be honest, it was sort of a blur of naps, leisurely walks, park hangouts and ice cream treats.  Doesn't that sound like the most amazing of weekends?!  On Sunday had a boozy picnic in the late afternoon.  Framboise and reading material made up our party.  It was quiet and relaxing.  But I was a little jealous of the crowd playing croquet across the lawn.  I'm now aching over these perfect picnic pics by Livet Hemma.  Summer is nearly here!!!  I decided: so ready.

Photo found via Poppytalk

Friday, April 27, 2012

Four For Friday

Goodness, gracious!  It's seems like eons since I've written a FfF post.  (Oh the shame...)  I probably should be doing like a brrr-zillion other fashion-related work tasks right now.  But I felt the need to slow down, open my internet browser, research and explore the blog-sphere and write up a lil something for you.

Hope your Friday is fab and your weekend is wondrous!  I'm going to my sis's open studio event tonight (whoo-hoo!) and doing laundry/cleaning over the weekend (drag). 

- I found a happening bake blog: Bake or Break.  Eats look goooood.  Earmarking that bloggie!
- Gorgeous flowers from a project Amy Merrick did with BHLDN
- I'm really looking forward to watching the documentary Vegucated.  The BF and I have it bookmarked on Vudu.
- My iPhone is killing me; so...s...s...s...slow.  I cannot wait for the new one.  In reality I must wait.  Stupid reality.  Anyhow, when I get my new iPhone I'm getting a BlissfulCase.  Cuties! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vegan Pop-Up Shop

I'm eating Snail food again for lunch.  I don't mean to rub it in your virtual face but Mmmm, so good!  I think I may have found 'my' lunch there too.  Portabello Carpaccio is heavenly; fried capers, sauteed onions and loads of purple-y olive tapenade.  Yumzers!  I also grabbed a crème brûlée doughnut for later.  Food excitement!!!

My lunch reminded me about the Vegan Pop Up Shop I attended two weeks ago.  Shame on me for forgetting to share!  It was a riot.  So many people turned out and the vendors were super amazing.  The BF and I ended up buying a Peanut Butter Pit Bull Bar from Rescue Chocolate, a bag of (completely divine) gulten free lemon treats at Cake Bites, and a block of classic fudge from Super Foxy Sweets.  We also sampled some Teese nachos, Grassroots Granola bar bites, and I bought a Cinny Snail raspberry danish.  We missed out on a bunch of incredible nibbles- there was just so much to sample!  Check out the full list of vendors here.  I'm still clicking through, learning about these amazing companies.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Story...

Sorry about yesterday's post, it's fixed now.  Blogger has changed their interface (fyi- it sucks) and for some reason my draft didn't save or publish correctly.

Anywhoo, I'm back in New York.  Busy, busy.  Nothin' new.  I promised to tell you a little about my weekend.  I almost don't want to because it's kinda sad.  Best laid plans of mice and men... isn't that how it goes?  Well first off, I'll say we made the best of a really yucky weekend.  In retrospect it was comical- almost every element was against us.  It was a hot mess.  It was actually a freezing cold mess.

Saturday was lovely.  The dread of approaching storm took the enjoyment down a notch.  We did a mini hike.  We set up camp.  NJ hadn't had much rain so there was a ground fire ban.  Lame.  We made a run to the nearest target and bought a hibachi grill and charcoal.  We did up some vegan s'mores.  Just as we finished cooking dinner it started to rain.  We ate in the tent.  Then we found ticks.  IN THE TENT.  We did a full screening and only found the two.  But we saw numerous blood-suckers clinging to the outside of the tent.  Tick paranoia is still haunting me.  Then crazy rain.  Then thunder and lightning.

Sunday morning was a little misty but I managed to cook tofu scramble and veg sausage before "the flood".  It proceeded to rain from 9:30 am Sunday to the week hours of Monday morning.  We snack-dined in the tent, we played some dominoes,  I napped on and off for probably 6-8 hours, we did an afternoon walk in the rain.  It was still raining and very dark when we decided to brush our teeth before bed... on our way back to the tent we realized the lane was a hopin' with frogs.  EW.

Monday morning the rain had mostly stopped.  We did a marathon tick-examination of every article placed in the car, tried to de-mud most of our supplies and got the heck out!

It could have been worse, we didn't have car trouble, the tent didn't leak or flood, they weren't Lyme carrying deer ticks, we didn't inadvertently step on & squish frogs.  It'll go down as a story though.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jetting Off (For A Day)

Hey guys, I hope you had a great weekend.  I took Monday off of work and the BF and I went camping again.  It was a three day adventure.  But I'll tell you more later.  For now it's just a quick hello and and the briefest of goodbyes.  Work takes me out of state.  I'll talk to you all tomorrow!

Paper plane charm necklace available on Etsy

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pantone: Edible Color

Mmm, a palette to feast on!  The fabulous edible swatches come from Griottes {Palette Culinaire}.  I must say, this blog is absolute divinity.  I find it a rewarding challenge to stumble through Emilie's sing-song French.  If you're at a loss, rejoice!  She's going to have the site fully translated into English very soon!   

Found via 101 Cookbooks

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cinnamon Snail

I actually can't believe the Snail Truck has never been mentioned on w&w before.  Since I'm currently in a snail food coma, it's fitting that I blog it up now.  (Also, snail coma renders actual work-work impossible.  Blogging is all I can muster.)

The Cinnamon Snail hails from Jersey.  Their Twitter muses, "The Cinnamon Snail is the country's most raunchy mobile Vegan Organic restaurant! Blasting supreme bliss & zany antics all over NYC, & dirty Jersey".  The truck is a whimsical (yeah, I said it) triad of enticing scents, warm and humor filled greetings (smiles included with every order- an NYC miracle) and fanciful visuals.  That truck belongs in a day dream;  the design job is the work of their friend "Greggy" (aka Daniel Levine).

The taste-tatious-ness is what will have you going back though.  My friends and cowokers- agree;  Must.  Eat.  Snail.  As often as possible!  I can't really recommend one dish above the rest.  However, always go for a dessert.  Always.  If you don't you'll regret it.  And yes, I'm speaking from experience.  Once I didn't add a sweet to the bill.  The regret still haunts me.

Hey New Yorkers!!!  Yeah, you!  You can virtually track the Snail on Facebook and Twitter, as it trucks around the city serving up vegan deliciousness!  (I am totally a stalkerEHEM follower.  If snail deliciousness is within 10 blocks my tummy wants to know!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Bit More Cam-ping

I couldn't be more thrilled, we're returning to our* campsite again this weekend!  The BF and I are taking off Monday and planning a nice long weekend out in the woods.  Blissful isolation!!!  I love, love, love the city but sometime you just gotta get the h*&$ out!

*subject to considerable contest

All photos via pictured handsome guy in blue lawn chair...

He Knows Me Well

Hey guys, sorry I was a no-show last Friday.  My home wifi has been undependable as of late.  I was also forced into a last minute business trip.  (And missed out on the overheard 'amazing' Friday weather New York had.  BOO.)

Anywhoo.  It's now a lovely Monday in NYC.  Everybody is hot and happy, smiling through a light sweat.  Nice.

On the subject of good vibes and positivity... I found these two lovey dovey furry and feathered cuties on my Facebook wall earlier today.  My BF knew they'd be a hit with me.  So correct in his assumptions!  Purchase the print by Joanne Hawker over at Society 6.  Check out her Etsy store too!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Headbands, Jealousy, Etc.

I desperately want a twisty black headband after scrolling through these photos of Clements Ribeiro.  Rrrrrg, Ribeiro is so cool!  Feeling confusing, conflicting emotions of love, hatred, jealousy, admiration, etc.  Go shop the collection, you will understand what I mean.

All photos by Sandra Hagelstam of 5 Inch And Up

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer 's A Comin!

I had to share this party post from 100 Layer Cake!  It makes me wish I had a back yard with a pretty little tree.  During the daylight, said tree would serve as tent poles to a sweet bohemian tee-pee.  By night, little tree would play host to an array of twinkling bulbs and glowing paper lanterns.  Dinner parties and picnics would surely pepper the summer months.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Yep, hereabouts we pronounce camping as cam-ping.  It's more fun that way. 

This weekend the BF and I took a westward trip into Warren County, New Jersey.  We set up the tent, broke out the (borrowed) lawn chairs and cozied up to a blazin' fire.  It was so much fun I wish we'd stayed another couple days.  Alas, work beckoned.  Hopefully we'll hit the road, camp-bound, again soon. 

Here are our only two share-worthy Polaroids.  We've been having some technical trouble with one of BF's instant cameras.  These are still pretty darn cute though!  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Marquis of LA

I've got a ginormous meeting today... wish me luck!  I also have a head cold and the loveliest nasal voice.  (That was sarcasm, congestion is not cool.)  While I'm busy and stressing and feeling like crap-o take a load off and check out these amazing photos of vintage LA marquis by Océane Buret.  In college my campus was downtown.  Sometimes to de-stress during my lunch hour I would hop in the car (because no one walks in LA) and cruise Broadway just to admire these old theater marquis.

Found via Honestly WTF

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pastel Therapy

I'm in the throes of trying to plan a vacation.  The BF and I have set our eyes on Costa Rica but we are now at the mercy of two very hectic and incompatible spring schedules. Whah!  To get my mind off of the disheartening reality that I wont be taking a Central American getaway in the next two months I underwent some computer-window shopping therapy.  Ooooooh, barely there shades!  Soothing, summery and sweet.  And suddenly, I feel better.

All the goodies are in the "New This Week" section at Topshop.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Garance Guide to the Most Important Thing

I had a post for today.  Actually I had two.  I scrapped them both.  They were making me grumpy.  Maybe I'll work on them later, fix them up pretty and share some day down the road.  For now, I've decided to share a very wise post from one of my favorite fashionistas.  Head over to Garance Dore's blog and check out The Most Important Thing.  According to Garance, there are actually a half dozen or so most important things to keep in your bag.  I happen to agree with every single one, mostly from (bad) experience(s).  Unfortunatly, I'm a poor model and still only have about half of her essentials on my person at all times.  What say you?  Additional must haves?  Need nots?