Monday, April 2, 2012

A Garance Guide to the Most Important Thing

I had a post for today.  Actually I had two.  I scrapped them both.  They were making me grumpy.  Maybe I'll work on them later, fix them up pretty and share some day down the road.  For now, I've decided to share a very wise post from one of my favorite fashionistas.  Head over to Garance Dore's blog and check out The Most Important Thing.  According to Garance, there are actually a half dozen or so most important things to keep in your bag.  I happen to agree with every single one, mostly from (bad) experience(s).  Unfortunatly, I'm a poor model and still only have about half of her essentials on my person at all times.  What say you?  Additional must haves?  Need nots?