Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Picnic

Did y'all have a scrumptious weekend?  I had so much fun, and didn't do anything I was supposed to!  Isn't that always the story?!

My sister's open studio event was so much fun!  She sold a few paintings (yay!) and made some friends/fans.  The BF and I cooked brunch together Saturday and Sunday.  Crazy!  To be honest, it was sort of a blur of naps, leisurely walks, park hangouts and ice cream treats.  Doesn't that sound like the most amazing of weekends?!  On Sunday had a boozy picnic in the late afternoon.  Framboise and reading material made up our party.  It was quiet and relaxing.  But I was a little jealous of the crowd playing croquet across the lawn.  I'm now aching over these perfect picnic pics by Livet Hemma.  Summer is nearly here!!!  I decided: so ready.

Photo found via Poppytalk

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