Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Agnes-Cecile's weepy rainbow portraits jumped out at me this morning through the muck of my Facebook news feed.*   Thanks Katie!**  Agnes-Cecile is actually the pseudonym for Silvia Pelissero, a self-taught Italian painter.  I'm super fond of her watercolors work!  It will be exciting to following this young artist and watch her captivating style develop.

*Ugh, on a completely separate note, isn't FB rotten?  It makes hate otherwise wonderful people.  I've blocked half my friend from the news feed; their status updated bring out my most condescending & intolerant side.  Bummers, yo.

**  Katie is the best type of Facebook friend.  She shares insightful links and has great spelling/grammar/punctuation skills.  (She is a writer, after all.)  Quick aside; Katie's a long-time friend of the BF and a former dance buddy of mine... now she lives in Germany (grumpy face).  Come back Katie!  We miss you!

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