Friday, May 25, 2012

Mum Mum's Vegan 'Tater Salad

I've made this salad so many times.  So, so many.  It's a family recipe that I've tweaked a bit.  Just a tiny, tiny bit though.  Really just sub-ing mayo for vegan mayo.  And I swear, no one will ever notice the difference!

So, I have to be completely honest... I've never measured out any of these ingredients when making the salad.  My method looks like this: add, taste, add, taste, continue until happy.  So this recipe is more of a guideline, feel free to adjust to your tastes!

Mum Mum's Vegan 'Tater Salad

boiled potatoes, cut into large chunks  (I go with reds and leave the skins on!)
soy based mayo (like this or this)
brown mustard
dill relish (I go pretty heavy on this)
diced black olives
salt & pepper

diced red bell pepper

minced chives or green onions
minced garlic
canned pimentos
chopped marinated artichoke hearts
diced celery
crumbled tempeh bacon
diced canned water chestnuts (my family loves this one... but I pick it out)
paprika, celery seed, cracked red pepper or rosemary

- Locate Bowl
- Add boiled potatoes
- Throw in 'eyeballed' amounts of necessary and desired optional ingredients
- Mix it all up, yo
- Taste
- Add more sumthin' sumthin'
- Repeat last two steps until it's perfect
- Enjoy!

Image from Holly Maher

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