Friday, May 11, 2012

Four for Friday

Happy Friday!  I'm so thrilled that this week is over.  The next two days look promising; good weekend weather, hooray!  I'm recovering from the week's depressed attitude due to some exciting events...

It seems like my new apartment is going to work out, we are finalizing paperwork early next.  I cannot wait for this to be over!  Moving is one of my least favorite parts of life.  Soooo stressful!  I just keep telling myself, "it's almost over, hang on for two more weeks!"

A recent and much more sunny event is developing: my sister was granted a summer painting residency in Germany!  So awesome!  I'm going to visit for a couple weeks in August.  Saturday we'll plan the tour agenda (Germany, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands and Belgium are on  my list).

Other that that, I really just want to enjoy the wondrous weather (fingers are crossed; the thunderstorms need to hold off until Monday- I'm counting on you to be truthful iPhone weather).  Have a lovely one and happy mother's day to all the mommies out there! 

These glasses from See By Us are so cute.  I think glasses may be my next accessory purchase.  I love the nerdy chic look!
- I found another Brooklyn florist to stalk.  Pear Tree Flowers will make your heart ache.  Yeah.  That's how pretty.
- I'm totally hooked on the blog Annika Kaplan.  Such a great array of goodies featured!
- Check out this gorgeous feature on Jonny Holmes decorative spin on Bodoni.  Wood block printing... sigh.

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