Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wet My Whistle, Dear Whisky

Have I ever downloaded you on my booze preferences?  I didn't think so.  I joked recently with the BF; I'll eat just about anything* but offer me a beverage and I'll probably say, "no thank you".  In the alcohol category I'm even less likely to take a glass.  I'll drink a hard cider.  For special occasions I do champagne.  I like the classic brunch drinks; champagne cocktails and bloody Marys.  Lambic beers are good by me.  And whiskey.  Aaaaand... that's all I truly enjoy drinking.  Once in a while I'll take a chance on some fruity rum or vodka cocktail.  But if I find myself at a bar with a petite menu, it's a whiskey sour for me.  Like Kate**, I too like my whiskey girl-ed up!  Head over to Kate's blog for the adapted recipe of  Villian's Bella Donna cocktail.  This looks like a good one!   Perfect for summah time!!!

* Meaning anything that's not fuzzy or feathered.  There are a couple types of tropical fruit that I don't dig but other than that- I like food!  Typical 'problem' veggies are a non issue.  Give me your tomatoes/onions/mushrooms/Brussels sprouts/beets/eggplant!

** Kate Miss is the awesome blogger of For Me, For You

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