Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Build A (Rainbow!!!) Bike

For the past few years, once the temperature warms up and we are on the brink of summer,  my need for a pretty new bike is rekindled.  This summer may be the summer that I go for it!  I've been seriously shopping around.  In the end I'll probably go with something sleek, timeless and inexpensive like this.  In the meantime I'm having fun trying out hundreds of custom build-a-colorful-bike combos!  Visit the following to create your dream cycle...

- Mission
- Jelly Bean (Australia only)
- Bike by Me
- Urban Outfitters by Republic
- Republic

Know of any other super cool, ultra colorful bike suppliers?


  1. o my god! lets get two that compliment eachother

  2. With a bright and energetic color scheme, the Dreamcycle is fun cruiser that really makes a statement California Bikes.

    womens beach cruisers