Friday, May 25, 2012

Cheeky Tiki Vegan Ambrosia

I normally would not make something like this.  It's a little too indulgent for my day-to-day likes.  But this is a holiday weekend.  And peeps like guilty/comfort food at BBQs.  Plus, like I said down below, this salad seems destined for Benny's Cheeky Tiki Luau.

Cheeky Tiki Vegan Ambrosia

2 cans pineapple cut into chunks*
2 cans mandarin oranges
small bunch of red seedless grapes, halved 
1 apple diced
vegan maraschino cherries 
coconut flakes 
1 small bag mini marshmallows  (like these)
1 cup soy based sour cream
a lil agave

- Drain all canned fruit and combine the fruities in a bowl**
- Add mallows & a handful of coconut (add more if you're a coco fiend)
- Whip a cup of sour cream with agave (add the agave a tsp at a time until the mixture is smooth but not runny)
- Pour cream over salad, stir until well incorporated
- All finished!  Serve with a smile!

* I went with canned because half a leftover pineapple was not something I wanted to deal with during apt moving.  For the record, I love using fresh pineapple whenever possible.  It's so much more delicious that canned.

** Feel free to add or substitute other types of fruit

Illustrations by Judith Orner Bruce

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