Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Story...

Sorry about yesterday's post, it's fixed now.  Blogger has changed their interface (fyi- it sucks) and for some reason my draft didn't save or publish correctly.

Anywhoo, I'm back in New York.  Busy, busy.  Nothin' new.  I promised to tell you a little about my weekend.  I almost don't want to because it's kinda sad.  Best laid plans of mice and men... isn't that how it goes?  Well first off, I'll say we made the best of a really yucky weekend.  In retrospect it was comical- almost every element was against us.  It was a hot mess.  It was actually a freezing cold mess.

Saturday was lovely.  The dread of approaching storm took the enjoyment down a notch.  We did a mini hike.  We set up camp.  NJ hadn't had much rain so there was a ground fire ban.  Lame.  We made a run to the nearest target and bought a hibachi grill and charcoal.  We did up some vegan s'mores.  Just as we finished cooking dinner it started to rain.  We ate in the tent.  Then we found ticks.  IN THE TENT.  We did a full screening and only found the two.  But we saw numerous blood-suckers clinging to the outside of the tent.  Tick paranoia is still haunting me.  Then crazy rain.  Then thunder and lightning.

Sunday morning was a little misty but I managed to cook tofu scramble and veg sausage before "the flood".  It proceeded to rain from 9:30 am Sunday to the week hours of Monday morning.  We snack-dined in the tent, we played some dominoes,  I napped on and off for probably 6-8 hours, we did an afternoon walk in the rain.  It was still raining and very dark when we decided to brush our teeth before bed... on our way back to the tent we realized the lane was a hopin' with frogs.  EW.

Monday morning the rain had mostly stopped.  We did a marathon tick-examination of every article placed in the car, tried to de-mud most of our supplies and got the heck out!

It could have been worse, we didn't have car trouble, the tent didn't leak or flood, they weren't Lyme carrying deer ticks, we didn't inadvertently step on & squish frogs.  It'll go down as a story though.

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