Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cinnamon Snail

I actually can't believe the Snail Truck has never been mentioned on w&w before.  Since I'm currently in a snail food coma, it's fitting that I blog it up now.  (Also, snail coma renders actual work-work impossible.  Blogging is all I can muster.)

The Cinnamon Snail hails from Jersey.  Their Twitter muses, "The Cinnamon Snail is the country's most raunchy mobile Vegan Organic restaurant! Blasting supreme bliss & zany antics all over NYC, & dirty Jersey".  The truck is a whimsical (yeah, I said it) triad of enticing scents, warm and humor filled greetings (smiles included with every order- an NYC miracle) and fanciful visuals.  That truck belongs in a day dream;  the design job is the work of their friend "Greggy" (aka Daniel Levine).

The taste-tatious-ness is what will have you going back though.  My friends and cowokers- agree;  Must.  Eat.  Snail.  As often as possible!  I can't really recommend one dish above the rest.  However, always go for a dessert.  Always.  If you don't you'll regret it.  And yes, I'm speaking from experience.  Once I didn't add a sweet to the bill.  The regret still haunts me.

Hey New Yorkers!!!  Yeah, you!  You can virtually track the Snail on Facebook and Twitter, as it trucks around the city serving up vegan deliciousness!  (I am totally a stalkerEHEM follower.  If snail deliciousness is within 10 blocks my tummy wants to know!

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