Friday, April 27, 2012

Four For Friday

Goodness, gracious!  It's seems like eons since I've written a FfF post.  (Oh the shame...)  I probably should be doing like a brrr-zillion other fashion-related work tasks right now.  But I felt the need to slow down, open my internet browser, research and explore the blog-sphere and write up a lil something for you.

Hope your Friday is fab and your weekend is wondrous!  I'm going to my sis's open studio event tonight (whoo-hoo!) and doing laundry/cleaning over the weekend (drag). 

- I found a happening bake blog: Bake or Break.  Eats look goooood.  Earmarking that bloggie!
- Gorgeous flowers from a project Amy Merrick did with BHLDN
- I'm really looking forward to watching the documentary Vegucated.  The BF and I have it bookmarked on Vudu.
- My iPhone is killing me; so...s...s...s...slow.  I cannot wait for the new one.  In reality I must wait.  Stupid reality.  Anyhow, when I get my new iPhone I'm getting a BlissfulCase.  Cuties! 

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