Friday, March 30, 2012

Four for Friday

I found out yesterday that Easter is next weekend.  I'm going to finagle this into a loosely-based Easter-theme FfF post.  Are you planning any festivities for April 8th?

What about this weekend, fun stuff ahead?  I have to do my taxes.  Talk about waiting until the last minute, eh?  Nothing much else on the agenda.  NY is supposed to get an icky rain storm.  It might be a nice weekend to stay in, watch movies and bake something tasty! 

- Rad egg decorating over at Hey Look!  The whole vegan thing prevents the BF from partaking in the (super fun) crafty activity.  Maybe some eggs from (cruelty free) Queen's County Farm would go over okay?  (They have sweet, happy lil chickens.)
- How about this perfect(ly cool) Easter dress?!  If you're snickering at my choice, head over to Asos and pick your own darn dress!  There are 1772 to choose from.
- Aw!  Adorable Easter Bunny Peep cards at the C Design Illustration shop.  Also, check out the Etsy Spring Guide for more seasonal buys.
- As an Easter treat, go non-traditional and whip up these adorable pink and green Mochi from Bakingdom!

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