Monday, March 5, 2012

Overseas & Far East I Go

I wanted to issue a quick goodbye last week but the nutz-o-ness at work prevented any me-time.  Thursday ended up an all-out s#@& show.  Pardon the expletive.  It was day 3 of our Spring 2013 concept kickoff meetings and also my final day in the office.  Busy much?  Yep.  One of those no time to eat lunch until 4:00 days, where coffee and stress kept me alert, and the must-do's finally wrapped at 9pm.  Which left me an hour to buy a new piece of luggage and a few other travel essentials. 

But, let me tell you a bit about the amazing last 3 days.  Early Friday morning I boarded my (swanky business  class) flight for Korea.  It was by far the most enjoyable flight of my life.  Korean Air is fantastic.  Unreal.  I spent my 14 hour flight exploring the depths of a complimentary travel bag (cooling eye gel, face cream, hair brush & comb, toothbrush & paste, aerosol mineral water spray for misting your face!), watching free films, eating superb (restaurant quality!) meals, and sleeping blissfully- in a giant, beyond comfortable seat that reclined into a flat bed.  The pillows and blankets were A+ too.  I stayed away from the 2 on board bar/ lounges because I feared dehydration and a hangover.  But they looked pretty sweet.  Mood lighting, intimate booths and all.  Oh, and the bathrooms were nearly the size of my bathroom at home.

Then came Seoul.  I stayed in the Park Hyatt...  Holy.  Cow.  This hotel is beyond beautiful.  It's pricey but it's well designed, luxury to the max.  The bathroom alone made me want to cry.  If ever I have the opportunity to renovate my future home, this hotel room will factor in as inspiration.  The breakfast buffet was killer too.  Elegant.  Delish.  Had fresh-pressed kiwi juice that changed my life : )

We did some major shopping yesterday, 10-6.  Hard core.  My back and neck were pissed by the end of it.  So worth while though.  Korean fashion is out of control creative.  The stores are also superbly merchandised.  I could have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Restraint prevailed.  The damage ended up in the tens of thousands of dollars range instead.

Now it's Monday, yes, manic Monday.  I'm currently on a flight to Hong Kong.  I'll be in China for another week.  I can't promise completely frequent posts but do venture back!  I'll be making every effort to check in, say hello and share some current events.

Kisses from Asia!!! 

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