Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Springing Up

I did check out the BBG last weekend!  We were a little early for most of the cherry trees but we did see some lovely early-bloom bulb flowers and a load of incredible magnolia trees.  Today I'm just going to share the flowers.  You have to await the tree photos with baited breath, those are for tomorrow!  Back to the bulbs... narcissus, daffodils and snow-in-summer covered entire hillsides and were overflowing in flower beds.  There were clusters of gorgeous little grape hyacinth and quite a few of the large Dutch hyacinth too.  My parent grow all these lovelies, so they have quite a soft spot in my heart.  There were oodles more flowers of course, including stunning hellebores and a few early tulips.  I'm planning to check out the gardens again soon to catch the cherry trees and tulips in their full glory.

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