Friday, March 16, 2012


Yes, yes, I'm home!  I did a super bad job of keeping in touch but work filled my every waking hour.  Even mangia time people.  Seriously!  Breakfast?  Eating room service over the lap top, getting a jump on Eastern Standard Time's emails that arrive in your inbox overnight.  Lunch?  Stuffing delivery in my face over the lap top.  Any few minutes to sit in one place and play catch-up on email was gold.  Dinner?  Ugh.  Vendor dinners.  Really pricey food and rather uncomfortable work chatting.  Not a cool combo.

Whilst I had a wonderful time, I am quite relieved to be home.  I'll share pics and tell you more about the trip later.  For now, just a peek at some of amazing orchids at Hong Kong's Botanical Garden and Hong Kong Park.  I was blown away.  Most of my camera roll is of Asian foliage & architecture.  Most of the foliage pics are orchids : )

P.s. I came home to this hardy little fellow, flashing blooms!  (Pardon iPhone 3G crappy camera fuzziness.)

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