Thursday, March 29, 2012

Challenge: Creative Assemblage

First, I just have to say the the tulips are happening in New York.  Yeeeowza!  The planters in Union Square are busting at the seams with a fiery rainbow of orange, red, pint and yellow-kissed petals.  Maaaaa-gical!

Anyway, on to the real post.  This brings me to a disgruntling realization... I haven't really made myself a proper meal since December.  Breakfast is something I grabbed at the deli on my way into work, plus coffee (or sometimes just coffee), lunch is some form of takeout (Wholefoods, deli, food truck, etc) and dinner is pre-made bt the grocery store or an assemblage.  And no, it's not a creative assemblage (alla some sorta chic salad).  It's pre-cut veggies and hummus in a tub.  Even on the weekends, the most effort I've put into meals in covering a toasted bagel with tofu cream cheese.  Fail.  Big time gourmet fail.

After spotting this recipe for Quinoa Sushi I'm gaining motivation though!  So pretty, right?  I ate quite a bit of sushi on my Asian adventure.  Truth be told, I have actually made veg sushi before.  (The whole truth is that I was 8 and in 3rd grade summer school.)  I just need to pick up a few supplies before jumping in.  Challenge: Creative Assemblage has been accepted!  What about you?  Sushi lover?  Sushi maker?

All photos by Sara of My New Roots

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